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Article Last Updated on January 7, 2023

As a cannabis enthusiast, you will face all sorts of smoking situations – sometimes you won’t have any rolling papers, and other times you won’t have any smoking devices to toke with. Your bong may be unclean or your glass pipe may be broken, or you just happen to be somewhere with a baggie and a lighter, and nothing else. Yeah, it’s happened to the best of us. But there are alternatives.

The apple pipe (or apple bong) is an ever-popular classic DIY smoking device that will never let you down. You will not only get to smoke weed even without a proper bong, but its fruity aroma will nicely complement the THC and CBD, especially if you’re smoking reg weed.

So, in this article, we’ll talk you through how to make an apple bong to smoke weed with, and we’ll also give you another DIY smoking device option in case you don’t have any apples at hand. Let’s begin!

How to Make an Apple Pipe for Smoking Weed

Apple pipes are pretty functional, and to jazz things up a bit more, we included two different methods of using an apple to DIY a smoking device, so you can try both and pick a favorite!

Method 1 – The Classic Apple Bong

To make a classic apple bong, you need tin foil, a ballpoint pen, and a pin or a toothpick for poking holes. You should empty the ballpoint pen as you will only be needing the pen tube, and remove the stem before you begin.

  1. Take the empty pen and bend it at a slight angle on the top of the apple where the stem used to be. Using a twisting downward motion, slowly start burrowing a hole until you reach the center of the apple. The opening of the top hole is where you will put the weed, but we’ll get to that in a bit;
  2. Then, make a second hole to the side of the apple. Use the pen again and drill a hole to the center of the apple so that it can meet the end of the top hole. The second hole will serve as the mouthpiece; 
  3. Finally, poke a third hole which will serve as a carburetor. This one should be approximately an inch to the top hole and it should connect to the center of the apple where the two other holes meet;
  4. Take a small piece of the tin foil and construct a bowl that’ll be small enough to fit over the top of the apple where the stem used to be. Use the pin or the toothpick to poke tiny holes through it so that the smoke can have unrestricted airflow;
  5. Place the bowl on the opening of the top hole and place the weed in it;
  6. Take the apple pipe in one hand and place one finger on the carb hole. With your other hand, light the weed and start inhaling slowly (but consistently). Release the carb hole and enjoy your fruity smoke!

Method 2 – The Hollowed Apple Pipe

The second method is a neater version of the first one – a little more elaborate, but it’s just as practical. To make a hollowed apple pipe, you will need a knife, a spoon, and a pencil, or a chopstick.

  1. Take the knife and cut off the top of the apple about an inch below the stem so that you’re left with a flat surface at the top. Be careful when you’re handling the knife and make sure not to damage the apple as well as the top piece you just cut off as you will need it later to serve as a bowl;
  2. Take the spoon and use it to carve the inside of the apple. Take a big chunk of the flesh out, but make sure to leave about half an inch to the sides and the bottom of the apple, just like carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Keep in mind that you want the apple to remain sturdy and hold shape. Use the knife if the spoon alone is not enough to dislodge the flesh;
  3. Now, take the pencil or one chopstick to poke two holes in the apple a few inches apart. Poke them an inch below the rim of the apple, or towards the middle. One of the holes will be the mouthpiece and the other will be a carb hole;
  4. Place the top piece you cut at the beginning back on top of the apple and fill the small hole at the top (where the stem used to be) with weed. Pack it well so it doesn’t fall out;
  5. Place one finger on the carb hole, light the hollowed apple pipe, inhale as you normally would, and fly high!

I Don’t Have an Apple! Can I Use Something Else?

No apple? No problem! There is another classic DIY weed paraphernalia you can easily make, and that is the soda can pipe. It’s even simpler to make than the apple pipe. Though the taste won’t be as fruity and you won’t have a snack for later, it’s a perfectly adequate device for when you’re in a pinch.

To make a soda can pipe, first, you need to rinse the soda can and let it dry completely before use, and remove the can tab. For this DIY, you will need a screwdriver and a needle or a pin for poking holes. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. First, make an indentation to the side of the can with your thumb so that it looks slightly bent. This is where you’ll later put the weed, while the top opening of the can from where you drink the soda will become the mouthpiece;
  2. Then, take the needle and poke a cluster of small holes in the indentation so that the smoke from the weed can have an unrestricted airflow;
  3. Take the screwdriver and poke a hole to the side of the can that will become the carb hole;
  4. Put the weed in the indentation, on top of the tiny holes you previously made, and your thumb on the carb hole;
  5. Light the weed and start inhaling until the can is filled with smoke, then remove your thumb from the carb hole when you’re ready to toke;
  6. Enjoy your weed sesh!

One note though, the soda can pipe is not the ideal replacement for an apple pipe because soda cans are coated with dyes that may release toxic chemicals when you heat them. Another issue is that they’re made from aluminum whose safety under hot temperatures is hotly debated, so try not to use them very often.

The Takeaway – Try the Apple Bong Even If You Have an Actual Bong

Smoking weed from an apple bong is an experience you’ll want to try even if you have an actual smoking device, and it’s definitely the best when you have to improvise. It’s easy to DIY, it makes the weed more fruity and the smoke more refreshing, plus you’ll have a healthy snack for later when the munchies kick in. And if you don’t have an apple, just use a soda can as another old-school DIY that works when you have nothing else.

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