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Article Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Weed slang has been evolving for decades and it has probably become as diverse as the weed strains you see in your local dispensary. But, whatever the slang is, it always refers to one thing – weed quality.

Ever since the legalization of weed in some states in the United States, the market is overflowing with countless cannabis strains and cannabis products. Compared to the past, there is a colorful assortment of products of varying class and quality that many marijuana users appreciate as they offer a little something for everyone.

Seasoned weed connoisseurs are well familiar with most weed strains and their quality, and some even have a few favorites. From high-quality marijuana to dirt weed, you have to try them all to really know the difference.

Today we’ll focus on reg weed, its distinctive features, and how you can identify it when you buy weed. We’ll also touch upon types of weed quality to help you make a clearer distinction.

Weed Quality – What Makes a Good Weed?

The difference between lower quality and higher quality weed has never been clearer than it is in the present. Over time, growers have learned what works and what doesn’t work, and what methods yield the best results. They learned to select and cultivate the best of the best, significantly raising the overall quality of the weed strains found on the market compared to the 1970s, for example.

A lot goes into the making of good weed. Besides the genes of the plant, the growing conditions are also crucial. Cannabis is not a difficult plant to cultivate, but being a careful and methodical grower can get you a very nice quality Indica or Sativa, meaning that your plant will be rich in terpenes and will have high CBD and THC levels. If you’re not, on the other hand, you’ll end up with low quality, schwag weed.

Weed Quality Classification

Dispensaries usually organize their weed shelves according to quality. On the top shelf, there is the top-shelf weed or dank weed, which is the best of the best. It’s the most expensive one because it’s of the highest quality. It’s very fragrant and has a good taste, and it has perky bright green nugs covered with trichomes that indicate high levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

On the middle shelf, there’s the mids weed. Mids weed is a mid-grade type of weed and it’s probably the most popular type because it’s not as expensive as the top-shelf weed, but it still has many charms. Mids weed doesn’t look as perky as the dank, but it’s pretty decent and aromatic, and totally worth the price. Its THC content is a little lower, but it’s more than enough to give you a decent high.

Finally, at the bottom shelf is the low-quality weed, also known as reggie weed, or regular weed, or reg. Reg weed is considered the black sheep on the market and most dispensaries don’t even sell it anymore. But, it actually has a long history, and its status as one of the most commonly used and easily accessible weed strains remains unchanged.

Let’s see some more details.

The Hallmarks of Reg Weed

Believe it or not, reg weed used to be the norm back when cannabis was still illegal in most states and countries worldwide. It’s considered as a Sativa dominant strain. It wasn’t cultivated with care – on the contrary, it was a weed that was grown inside, with limited growing conditions as growers back then didn’t have access to improved technology as they do now. Basically, way back when, reggie weed was all you could get.

What Does Reg Weed Look Like?

If you even have the smallest cannabis experience, you will be able to spot the difference between dank weed, for example, and reggie weed. The two are like polar opposites. While the top-shelf weed has fresh-looking, bright and colorful buds covered in sticky resin, reg weed will be dry and brittle to the touch. It may even crumble in your hands when you try to handle it. It’s dark green to murky brown in color and has almost no resin.

Additionally, the female plants of reg weed are usually pollinated, which means you’ll often find cannabis seeds in your baggie. But that’s not all – there will often be stems and other plant material that’s not smokable. Weed smokers remove the seeds prior to smoking as the seeds produce a very bad flavor (some people say it tastes like burnt plastic). However, some cannabis enthusiasts also save the seeds and attempt to grow their own plants, so that’s a plus.

What Does Reg Smell Like?

Reg smells exactly how it looks. A bit earthy and dirt-like. The smell is not too bad, per se, it’s bearable at the least, but it’s upon combustion when it becomes very pungent. The flavor is harsh and unpleasant, although many people don’t really mind it.

However, compared to the complex piney or fruity flavor of dank weed, and even mids weed, there’s a big difference in their quality. Reggie produces thick smoke that can be very harsh on the throat and lungs. It can easily irritate your throat and make you cough.

Does Reggie Weed Give You a Decent High?

Reg weed doesn’t have much resin, meaning that it has a low THC content. This doesn’t mean that it won’t get you high at all, especially if you’re a beginner or have a low THC tolerance. However, it can mean that you’ll need more puffs than you normally would to achieve your desired level of high. Actually, this is why in the past they could smoke so many joints back to back and not get totally baked. It was due to Reggie’s low THC content.

Why Do People Still Use Reggie Weed?

Despite being known as the black sheep on the market, reggie weed has never gone out of fashion. First, in non-legal states and countries, it’s often all you can find. Second, it’s very affordable, and sometimes people buy it to save money. People also tend to buy in bulk for use as shareables at parties or for edibles. And third, not all Reggies are the same. Some reggie weed varieties are better than others, and it’s these nuances that keep people coming back. Additionally, Reggie is convenient for beginners as it lowers the risk of side effects due to high THC levels.

Bottom Line – Should You Use Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed is not all bad. Yes, it’s not as aromatic, potent, or tasty as dank weed and mids weed, but it still has its uses. Some people who are long time reg weed users actually don’t want to try anything else. But then, for many who have tried to smoke other options, reg weed is their least favorite one.

It’s fair to say that probably every weed enthusiast has tried reggie weed at least once. As it’s the most easily accessible weed, you’re very likely to encounter it. You can’t judge any weed strain before you try it, so it’s good to know its positive and negative sides.

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