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Article Last Updated on January 10, 2023

The cannabis industry offers a huge variety of cannabis products ranging from high-quality tinctures and cannabis edibles, to a wide variety of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid weed strains, to name a few, but dispensaries have often reduced prices on some cannabis products that are considered lower quality. These products are often edibles or drinkables that have an expiry date that’s near, or in some cases shake weed.

If this is a new cannabis term for you, and you don’t want to ask your local budtender for an explanation, we’re here for you. In this article, we’ll give you all the information on cannabis shake, how you can use it, whether it will get you high just as regular weed, whether it’s good for both recreational and medical cannabis users, and whether it’s worth buying. And in the end, you can decide for yourself whether you like to try out shake weed or not.

What Is Shake Weed?

The term “shake weed,” or leftover weed, refers to the small pieces of cannabis flower that break off of larger buds of weed and are often considered a lower quality weed. This type of weed is the one that gets left behind at the bottom of your cannabis baggy due to handling, bumping weed around as you transport it, or as a result of weed drying up and becoming crumbly.

Shake weed is made up of all parts of the bud and contains sugar leaves, trichomes, kief, and also stems, seeds, and other parts of the cannabis bud and plant, and dispensaries usually end up with large amounts of shake weed from various cannabis strains. 

In some cases, cannabis shake can be just as potent as regular weed and contain the same amount of THC, but in other cases, it can give you a significantly lower high. Therefore, it’s good to be well-informed on the type of weed you’re buying before you exit the dispensary.

Where Can You Get Shake Weed?

The first place to look for shake weed is your storage container or at the bottom of a bag that contains weed if you’re a regular cannabis user and you keep weed at home, but the next place is definitely your local dispensary. 

As people buy weed from the dispensary, the budtenders shift the nugs and some bits break off and end up at the bottom of the jar. As a result, dispensaries sell this type of weed at a much lower price compared to regular weed in order to cut their losses and you can often find shake weed as a stand-alone product sold by the gram, eight, quarter-ounce, or even a full-ounce.

This type of weed is often used to make pre-roll joints, blunts, and spliff rollers which are also sold at dispensaries. You can buy and use shake at home in your regular joint, or even make cannabutter or cannabis oil from it. However, the quality of the weed may vary since budtenders often mix the weed shake from several strains and sell that mix. That’s why this type of product may not be perfect for medical marijuana users who are seeking treatment for a specific ailment. In that case, top-shelf marijuana may be your best bet, but it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor, as well as the budtender so he can give you more information on the strains that are included in the weed shake.

How to Use Shake Cannabis?

Now that you know what shake weed is and where you can purchase it, it’s time to find out how you can use it. If you have a weed stash at home, check your baggie for leftover weed shake, buy some from the local dispensary, and proceed with the next step.

If you have your weed shake in one place, it’s a good idea to grind it in your weed grinder since the weed won’t be the same size, and then you can decide what to use it for. Just remember to separate the weed stems or weed seeds if the bag contains any.

Weed shake can then be used to make a joint, blunt, or a spliff at home, or you can place it inside your vape pen as you would regular weed. To make the most out of the cannabis flower you can smoke the weed shake in a bowl or bong. You can maximize the potency of THC by topping off with some kief for an even more powerful high if you’re a seasoned user.

You can also make cannabutter or cannabis oil from your shake after you’ve decarbed the weed inside the oven, and you can find more information on this in one of our previous articles. The cannabutter and cannabis oil can be used to make sweet and savory dishes, as well as cannabis edibles for which we also have an article that has a step-by-step guide.

Cannabis tea can also be made from weed shake, as well as cannabis topicals. With topicals, you’ll unleash the non-psychoactive effects of CBD and make yourself a pain-relieving lotion. While this method is a bit more time-consuming, you’ll definitely enjoy the final product, especially if you’re a person who likes DIYs or natural self-care methods.

Is Cannabis Shake Good or Bad?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re using your shake for. For users who are looking to save some money on their weed purchase, shake is often a good idea as half an ounce of shake can cost about 25 bucks which varies depending on where you buy it. This way you can not only enjoy the benefits of consuming the cannabis plant, but also pay a much lower price for it.

On the other hand, medical patients may not benefit from shake weed since they end up with a variety of cannabis strains that may not have the same effects on their health as one specific strain has. It’s often a good idea to discuss the contents of the shake with your budtender so you can get a better idea of what the final product contains, and decide whether to go for it or not. 

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Shake

In the end, whether you buy shake weed or not, it’s always a good idea to be informed about the various weed products that the dispensary holds before you make your purchase. It’s also important to know the difference between weed shake and trim as the latter contains just the unwanted parts of the weed plant that are removed before curing.

And if you’re a medical marijuana patient, discuss with your budtender and ask about the different strains that the shake weed contains so you can make the best decision regarding your therapy with medical marijuana.

Finally, if you do decide to buy shake weed, remember that you can use it in all the ways you use regular weed, at a much lower price. Shake weed doesn’t break the bank and can be the perfect solution for you if you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on weed and try out a new mix of strains.

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