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Article Last Updated on January 19, 2023

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates, also called dabs, and they have all found their loyal following. While all concentrates offer more or less the same effects, there are some differences in consistency and texture that can make you favor some over others.

As the superior cannabis products on the market in terms of high potency, cannabis concentrates are truly a piece of work – flavorful and powerful, just the way we like them. Among the selection of dabs, we have something called crumble wax, which is the topic of today’s article. So, let’s see what crumble wax is, how it’s made, and how you can use it.

The Power of Dabs

Until science finds a way to produce a stronger type of cannabis product, dabs will remain the most potent product on the market. If you’ve tried them, you know – their quality is incomparable even to the dankest weed.

Due to their production process, dabs are a true cannabis extract – they retain much of their original cannabinoid and terpene content, giving them a flavor profile that’s the closest to the raw cannabis plant out of all cannabis products. 

That also means that the average THC and CBD content of dabs will be much higher than dry cannabis flowers. In fact, their THC levels are often between 60-90%, and some can even go as high as 99%. In comparison, the highest THC content found in dry herbs is between 20-30%. Big difference, right?

What Kind of Cannabis Concentrate Is Crumble Wax?

Crumble weed, crumble wax, or just crumble, is a type of cannabis concentrate with a yellow to amber color and a unique texture that’s very dry and brittle and crumbles in your hands, hence its name. Users also refer to it as honeycomb wax because its appearance is slightly reminiscent of honeycomb. It’s one of the driest dabs and also one of the more potent ones with THC levels that can reach 90%. 

This concentrate is different from others because of the unique manufacturing technique that involves processing it at a lower heat and for a longer period of time than other concentrates. This technique preserves a large amount of its original terpene content giving crumble wax a superior flavor and aroma.

How Is Crumble Wax Made?

Like most dabs, crumble wax is a type of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) because it’s typically made with a solvent (usually butane, but sometimes propane or CO2). Crumble can be made from either dry buds or fresh cannabis that has been frozen immediately after harvest, which will result in live resin.

This extraction process requires the cannabis to be saturated with the solvent in a closed-loop system. The solvent (in this case, butane), separates the lipids, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the rest of plant matter. The resulting material is then put into a vacuum oven where the purging process takes place.

The purging process is different for each type of concentrate, depending on which consistency is desired as each type of concentrate requires a different temperature. For crumble wax, the material is heated at a low temperature for a prolonged period of time so that the solvent could be fully purged, and the moisture content could slowly evaporate, creating a final product with a dry and crumbly texture.

The Perks of Crumble Weed

Crumble weed may be more difficult to handle than budder or shatter due to its fragile texture, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its unique perks (and many fans in the community):

  • Since it’s purged on low heat, many of the original terpenes are preserved (compared to other types of cannabis concentrates). This not only makes for a more flavorful smoke, but also more enhanced medical and recreational effects since terpenes have their own properties as well;
  • Similarly, due to the unique purging process, a large part of its original cannabinoid content is also barely touched, making crumble weed very potent, so you only need a tiny amount to get a decent high;
  • Since its moisture content is low, you can store crumble weed with minimal worries of it developing mold. However, you will still need to protect it from light, heat, moisture, and oxygen to prevent it from drying out or degrading;
  • Crumble weed is also versatile. Despite its crumbly texture, it can still be used in a variety of ways, plus it’s more suitable for topping a joint or a bowl than dabs with softer consistencies;
  • Another perk is that it’s more affordable than other concentrates because of its crumbly texture. While live resin, for example, is sold at $60 per gram, you can find crumble at around $37 per gram. Crumble isn’t any less versatile than other concentrates and yet its price is more attractive.

How to Use Crumble Weed

Crumble weed is very versatile and can be used much like any other cannabis concentrate. You might think that dabbing would be difficult with crumble because it’s crumbly, but you’ll easily solve this by using a spoon-shaped dabber rather than a flat-tipped dabber so you can scoop it more neatly and load your dab rig. 

But you don’t need to restrict yourself with just dabbing as crumble can also be used for vaping. Reusable vaporizer models that were made to work with concentrates are a good option for crumble.

Where crumble excels the most in comparison with other concentrates is that it’s perfect for topping dry herbs. Whether you smoke from a bowl or a bong, or like rolling joints, crumble can be easily sprinkled on top to make your tokes that much more potent. Beware though, as the psychoactive effects will be much more pronounced.

What Other Cannabis Concentrates Are There Except Crumble?

​Apart from crumble wax, there are other types of cannabis concentrates that you might like:

  • Live resin is made from cryogenically frozen cannabis buds. It has a complex and intense flavor profile and it’s among the more expensive dabs;
  • Budder or badder is a buttery soft and slightly oily concentrate. It has a rich yellow to orange color and it’s very easy to handle;
  • Shatter is quite popular, even though it may be difficult to dose due to its glass-like texture that can easily “shatter.” It has a golden to amber coloring and many users prefer it for dabbing;
  • Rosin is produced via mechanical extraction rather than using a solvent. It’s a sticky and brittle concentrate that has a high appeal due to being solventless;
  • Wax is another dab made with a solvent. It has a honey-like color and texture and it’s very malleable. It’s also great for vaping.

The Takeaway – Crumble Weed May Be Just What You Need

If you’re into concentrates but have never tried crumble, we may have piqued your interest. It’s definitely a unique concentrate and will require some patience when you work with it, but the amazing aroma and flavors will surely make up for it. Its versatility is another plus, especially if you’re a smoker who likes to roll dry buds, but of course, you can use it for dabbing and vaping too. Just make sure to store it properly because every little speck of crumble wax is valuable.

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