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Article Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Pot slang terms have evolved as cannabis culture spreads around the world. And you’ve probably heard a fair share of words that refer to marijuana, like pot, grass, weed, dope, mary jane, ganja, doobie, bud, head, hash, hashish, bhang, canna, and others.

As there are different terms that relate to cannabis, there are also various slang terms used to explain how much weed you’re buying and what’s the price for that particular weight. And that is exactly what a dub of weed is – a specific price for a specific quantity of weed. 

Now, let’s get into what exactly “a dub of weed” or a “dub sack” is, how much weed you’re getting in a dub sack, as well as dive into other slang terms that refer to weed quantity.

So, What Is a Dub in Weed?

The lack of legalization laws surrounding the cannabis market in the past led to the blossoming of the black market. There, weed was sold to both medical marijuana patients looking for high-quality CBD products, and also recreational cannabis users in search of the psychoactive effects that THC gives. Hence, the increase of slang terms related to cannabis and cannabis products, one of which is “a dub of weed” or “a dub sack.”

But what is and how much is a dub? Well, “A dub sack” refers to a baggie that holds a small amount of cannabis (typically around a gram of weed) for which you pay $20. The term was coined from the term used for wheels or rims that were 20 inches in diameter. Over time, people started to use it in reference to a small baggie of cannabis since it was a more discreet way to refer to a small amount of weed. 

A dub doesn’t always weigh one gram, though it’s always a $20 purchase. Depending on the person selling, you might sometimes get a “ten-dollar dub,” meaning you get the weed at half price.

How Many Grams in a Dub of Weed and How Much Is It?

As we’ve previously mentioned, a dub of weed is typically $20 worth of weed, however, it’s not always the same quantity of weed. So how many grams is a dub?

Well, if buying from a dispensary, a dub of weed is somewhere between a gram and a gram and a half, although buying on the black market isn’t the same. For example, buying a dub sack in New York may be more expensive than buying in Oregon or Colorado, since weed isn’t legal for recreational use in the state of New York.

Moreover, the quality of weed is also a factor that determines marijuana prices. If you’re buying top-shelf weed, you might get a smaller amount of weed in a dub, compared to buying low-quality weed. In the end, all that matters is that you’re getting your dollar’s worth of weed, and being satisfied with the product you’re getting.

Is a Dub Sack Only a Black Market Term?

In short, yes. This slang term was used for buying small quantities of weed on the black market. Before weed was legalized, dealers used code terms for different quantities of cannabis like nick, dime, dub, and key. However, once marijuana legalization started, legal cannabis markets started opening up dispensaries that sold weed by the gram legally.

Metric vs Imperial Measurements for Cannabis Quantities

Depending on where you buy your weed from, the quantity can be measured differently. American dispensaries measure the quantity of weed using the imperial system, and European dispensaries measure weed using the metric system. Therefore, an ounce of marijuana isn’t the same as a gram of marijuana. 

If buying a dub of weed in the United States, you’ll get about 0.035 ounces which is equivalent to 1 gram of weed in Europe. Dispensaries generally sell weed by conventional divisions of the ounce: full ounces, half ounces, quarter ounces, and even an eighth of an ounce of weed.

Other Trending Slang Terms

Back in the days when weed was illegal all over the world, it was a lot pricier than it is today, so black market dealers came up with slang terms for different quantities of weed, and you’ll find out more about them below.

A Nick of Weed

This is one of the smallest quantities of weed that’s sold on the black market. When dealers get asked for a “nick of weed,” or a “nickel of weed,” it means half of a dime, which costs $5. For $5 you could get about a quarter of a gram of high-quality weed, or half a gram of low-quality weed.

A Key of Weed 

If a nick is about a quarter of a gram of weed, a dime is half of a gram, and a dub is around a full gram of weed, you may be asking what a key of weed refers to. Well, if you haven’t heard this term before, it means that you’ve never bought large quantities of marijuana. 

A “key of weed” refers to a kilo or kilogram of weed. This slang term is used when buying substantial amounts of weed or cocaine. If you buy a key of weed, you’ll get one thousand grams, which would be 2.2 pounds in imperial measurements.

Compared to the consistency of the price when buying dime bags, or a dub of weed, the price is not as consistent when buying weed in bulk. It can vary depending on who you purchase from, the time of the purchase, the strain of weed you’re buying, and the market price of cannabis at the moment that you’re buying.

What Does a Dub of Weed Look Like? 

Let’s get this straight – a dub of weed simply means getting $20 worth of marijuana. Since this will depend on the source and quality of weed, that can be anywhere from about 1 gram to 5 grams (or more).

As for the packaging, it could be anything from transparent plastic baggies to paper bags (it depends on where you’re getting them). The marijuana itself inside the package can consist of cannabis buds, leaves, and stems.

Needless to say, you’ll probably get more weight out of low-quality dub of weed than top-shelf (higher quality) weed. But then, again, you’ll surely enjoy higher quality marijuana for your 20 bucks more even if you end up with lesser weight in your dub of weed.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Quantities on the Black Market

If you live in a state where cannabis is legalized and growers can cultivate and sell cannabis legally, you only need to visit your local dispensary and get as many ounces of marijuana as you need for your next bong or joint. Or if you want to try alternative inhalation methods that give you a more intense high, you could try buying tinctures and a dab rig. And if smoking weed isn’t your thing, you can purchase cannabis oil or cannabutter and make some homemade weed brownies.

But, if weed is still illegal where you live, and you need to get your medical marijuana supply on the black market, you’ll definitely benefit from knowing a few marijuana slang terms in order to communicate with your supplier.

As the marijuana market increases and more and more countries are thinking about legalizing cannabis, it’s very likely that these terms will become outdated. And who knows, maybe in a few years’ time you can get your favorite Indica strain from a local dispensary anywhere in the world.

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