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Article Last Updated on January 2, 2023

In states where weed is legal, newbies who don’t know how to roll a joint go to their local dispensaries and buy a pre-roll to get their first taste of the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. However, all cannabis users know how good it feels to roll your joint and start toking. 

The essentials for smoking weed include a grinder and rolling papers if you’re into joint rolling, but they can vary depending on your preferred method of smoking weed. However, when people want to smoke and don’t have any rolling papers on hand, they often get creative and use a bunch of household items to make DIY cannabis smoking devices. From using business cards to make crutches to making a bowl from bending tinfoil into a cone shape, when you need a smoke, you’ll find a way.

If you’ve thought about whether you can smoke weed with a regular paper, or how to smoke weed if you don’t have rolling equipment at home, take a look at some of our past articles. But if you’re interested in learning what you can use to roll weed in, keep on reading.

Common Cannabis Smoking Methods

If you’re a newbie in the weed game, you should probably get acquainted with the most common ways that people smoke it.

Blunts and Joints

If you’re into the original cannabis consumption method, you’ll either go with rolling joints or rolling blunts. To roll the former you’ll need rolling papers, while the latter will require you to have blunt wraps (or tobacco paper) on hand. You can even make your smoking experience more interesting by adding tobacco to your weed to make a spliff, or kief, or concentrate, or moon rock to increase the potency of your joint or blunt.


Vape pens are alternatives to joints and blunts which heat the THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids to a lower temperature, and allegedly contain fewer toxins and carcinogens when compared to regular marijuana smoke. All you need for vaping is a vape pen with a THC cartridge, and of course, your favorite strain.


Smoking weed can also be done by using a bong. Bongs provide a more intense high than joints and blunts since you inhale larger quantities of smoke when you use them. All you need is your ground-up weed and your go-to gravity bong, carburetor bong, or percolator bong.


If you’re into smoking tobacco, you may have a wooden pipe lying around the house. That device can also be used to smoke your Blue Dream, Trainwreck, Pineapple Express, or any other cannabis strain that you prefer.

Dab Rigs

A method for smoking weed that has become rather popular lately is flash evaporation by using a dab rig. They’re one of the most used cannabis products by seasoned users since they use potent extracts and concentrates to give you the most intense high ever.

What Can You Use to Roll Your Weed In?

Apart from using rolling papers and tobacco papers, you can also use other less-known items to roll your weed into. 

Corn Husks

One of the countries that produce the most high-quality marijuana is Jamaica, and smoking weed is a whole different experience there. Rolling papers aren’t the only thing that Jamaicans use to roll their cannabis in. The natural, fibrous corn husks are used in lieu of rolling papers by a lot of Jamaica’s seasoned users. After you sun-dry the corn husks, they’re pretty easy to roll up so you can secure your marijuana tightly and start smoking it.

Rose Petals

When you don’t have a blunt wrap or rolling papers, you can use rose petals according to a lot of marijuana users online who claim they’re just as effective as joint paper. To make your joint using rose petals, heat them in a pan and connect them by licking and sticking them together as if they were blunt wraps. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let them get crispy because you won’t be able to roll them.

Alternative Options for Smoking Weed That Don’t Require Rolling

If you don’t have any of the household items or equipment mentioned above, you can still smoke weed by using some of the following items:

  • Apples;
  • Knives;
  • Toilet paper.

Apple Pipes

If you’re a fan of apples, this apple pipe will become one of your favorite cannabis smoking devices. To make your apple pipe, you’ll need aluminum foil, an apple, and a pen to poke some holes with. Poke one hole at the top, one to the side, and connect the holes to provide unrestricted airflow, then put the foil on top of the top hole, place your ground-up weed inside it, and start smoking.

Hot Knives

This is an easy method of using household items to smoke weed if you don’t have your equipment around, which only requires two heated knives. Place your cannabis bud on the first knife and squeeze the bud with the other, which will result in psychoactive smoke coming out. All that’s left is to inhale the smoke and enjoy.

Toilet Paper Steamroller

Did you know that you can transform your toilet paper into a DIY weed smoking device? To do that, you need to poke a hole on one side of the toilet paper roll on top of which you’ll put the aluminum foil filled with weed. Place the carb on the other side and you have your teepee steamroller ready to use.

Final Words on Things You Can Use to Roll Weed In

As you can see, people get creative when they’ve forgotten to buy rolling papers and are too lazy to go back to the dispensary and buy some. They use all kinds of stuff including gum wrappers and regular paper (which we don’t recommend), and also make cannabis smoking devices from plastic bottles, soda cans from juices, and other things they can repurpose around the house.

If you find yourself in this scenario and you don’t have any adequate weed-smoking equipment, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The solution is only a google search away, and you can use this post as well as our other articles for inspiration. 

Remember, you can try rolling your weed in corn husks, rose petals, or even try making an apple pipe, a teepee steamroller, or use your kitchen knives to heat your cannabis buds into producing cannabinoid-rich marijuana smoke.

We hope this article helped you find a substitute for rolling papers so you can enjoy your smoke session despite this inconvenience. Happy toking!! 

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