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Article Last Updated on January 5, 2023

The cannabis industry has been changing and moving forward for quite some time now, and the market is not only expanding, but also improving, compared to the past. The industry has seen a lot of changes since the 1960s, the most notable being the overall quality of the weed being sold.

Any weed aficionado with a few decades of experience probably still remembers the times when dry, awful-tasting weed that barely-got-you-high-but-gave-you-a-cough was the norm. Thankfully, this is not the norm anymore and the cannabis community has a lot more choice between different strains, products, ways of consumption, etc.

Moreover, the legalization of cannabis in most states in the U.S. and some countries around the world has impacted the proportion between supply and demand considerably, that now the demand is bigger than the supply

Just like wine, there is good weed and bad weed, and it all depends on where you’re buying it. Good weed cannot be disputed and bad weed is too bad to be mistaken for something else, so knowing what you’re buying is imperative.

This time, we’ll talk all about weed slang when it comes to low-quality and high-quality weed, with a focus on mids weed, what it is, and whether it’s good for the average weed aficionado.

Let’s start with the basics first before we move on to figure out what are mids.

What Are the Hallmarks of Good Weed?

Indicas, Sativas, hybrids, and everything in between… There are numerous cannabis strains on the market today, but what they all have in common is the variation of quality. A low-grade schwag weed will be vastly different from top-shelf strains in more ways than one.

Typically, what makes a strain of weed “good” is largely determined by the following:

  1. THC content measured in percentage, it indicates the potency of the weed. The higher the percentage, the more potent the strain. This also applies to CBD and other cannabinoids present in the weed. Overall, top-shelf cannabis strains are more potent than lower grade cannabis, meaning that their THC content is higher;
  1. Appearance – the nugs can tell a lot about the quality of the weed. They can vary from bright green to brownish, and the trichomes can be dense and sugary or few and far between. Generally, the perkier and stickier the nugs look, the better. It means that the grower took good care of them;
  1. Flavor and aroma – the flavor and aroma can also tell a lot about the quality of the weed. If the buds are fragrant and pungent, it means the grower has managed to preserve the full terpene profile in the nugs by adequately curing the weed. Compared to ditch weed, you’ll be able to smell high-grade buds from three feet away;
  1. Effects – sure, all weed can get you high to some degree, but the experience will vary depending on the quality. Generally, the effects of top-shelf cannabis will be more intense and they last longer, and it will take you a lot less puffs to get you in the zone, while with low-grade weed the effects will be less pronounced and will fade quicker;
  1. Price – finally, the price point of top-shelf bud is lightyears away from low-grade weed. Some high-quality weed can go for more than $100 for an eighth, while for low-quality weed you pay way, way less.

Common Cannabis Slang You Should Know

Okay, so now that we covered what components indicate the quality of the weed, it’s time to talk about the common terminology you should know. Over the years, weed has gained many slang terms that describe the different types of marijuana on the market, and many of these terms have become staples in weed terminology.

Knowing what you buy is important, so let’s review the most common slang terms:

  • Reggie or regs weed – also known as schwag weed, brick weed, ditch weed, or dirt weed, is a low-quality weed, and it’s also the cheapest. Reggie weed is the most easily accessible weed as it’s often sold on the black market, and you can recognize it by its brownish color and overly dry appearance. Reggie weed barely has any trichomes, which is why it’ll barely get you high. In a Reggie baggie, you’ll often find seeds and stems that you won’t find in high-grade cannabis;
  • Mids weed – our topic for today. Mids weed is a mid-grade weed in terms of quality. The middle range can vary from region to region, and you can actually find some pretty good mids if you’re lucky, but overall, it’s not mind-blowing. However, mids weed is much closer to higher quality marijuana than the Reggie weed, and it has a good price-performance ratio. Of course, it’s not nearly as good as the high-quality stuff, but it’s definitely solid;
  • Dank weed – the top tier of weed. The best of the best. Or, top-shelf weed, because in dispensaries it sits at the top of the shelf, literally. Dank weed is expensive, premium weed, and it’s in a league of its own. It has a very high THC content, usually near or above 20%, also making it more likely to cause side effects in larger quantities, but at the same you won’t need as much to get high. Top shelf dank weed is very flavorful and aromatic, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, and the buds are covered in sticky, resinous trichomes. Simply said, it’s the complete opposite of the reggie weed.

Mids Weed 101 – How to Tell if Your Weed Is Mids

Like we already said, mids weed is your average weed, but its quality can definitely range. Mids weed was in the lower ranks in the past, but the bar is considerably raised now and an increasing number of users are buying it because they can get a decent high without spending a fortune on top-tier weed. Mids weed is not hard to recognize when you do your shopping if you know what to look for.


Mids weed is not as vividly green as the high-quality weed, but it has its own charms. Unlike schwag weed, mids will have some sticky trichomes with tiny reddish or orange hairs, indicating that there is a fair amount of THC on those buds. The buds are also uncluttered and not as dense as the top-shelf weed, and there are rarely stems or seeds in the bag.

Flavor & Aroma

Since mids weed isn’t as abundant in trichomes, its flavor and aroma will definitely be there and it will be pleasant, but it won’t be as pronounced and intense as the top-shelf marijuana. However, mids weed is far more pleasant to smoke than Reggie weed, and far easier on the lungs.


This can range depending on the weed, but generally, mids packs 10% to 16% THC, which is pretty solid. It’s enough to get a decent recreational high and can also address some medical concerns. Overall, you can get decently baked or fully blazed, depending on your tolerance and the mids’ THC content.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy Mids Weed?

Whatever your frequency of marijuana use is, if you’re looking to get high or want to use weed to ease some medical symptoms without spending a fortune, mids weed may be your best option. It may be in the middle range in terms of quality, but it’s still very far away from the low-end weed, it’s much more worth it, and it makes for a great party joint. Plus, since the overall quality of mids has increased considerably, you’ll get a pretty solid high for a decent amount of money.

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