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Article Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Fresh weed smells amazing. The familiar earthy and skunky odor is a most favorite one for us, cannabis aficionados. However, it’s also very pungent, especially for some strains, and after a while, the smell can become a little too much. 

If you’re the type who buys small stashes from dispensaries and uses them up quickly, then you’re probably not struggling with the smell of weed. But for growers or users who buy in bulk, it can get smelly.  

This isn’t that much of a problem if you live in a legal state and have no problem being open about your weed consumption. Also, if you simply want to keep a low profile and not have your flatmate know about your stash, this article will prove to be useful to you.

Whatever the case may be, there are ways you can store weed while minimizing the smell, which is what we cover in today’s article. 

What Makes Cannabis Smell?

THC and CBD may be the main cannabinoids that make cannabis special, but another group of chemical compounds is also very important, and that is the terpenes.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give cannabis strains their distinctive aromas and flavors. There are hundreds of types of terpenes that make your favorite Indicas and Sativas taste fruity, musty, earthy, citrusy, and so on. They are secreted by the trichomes, the same place where cannabinoids are also produced.

However, terpenes aren’t just compounds that add the flavor and smell of cannabis, they also work together with the cannabinoids to enhance their effects, and different terpenes work differently, just as the cannabinoids.

Why Proper Cannabis Storage Keeps the Weed Smell Out

Simply said, proper storage keeps your weed fresh and potent (and fragrant!). When it’s kept properly sealed, it not only remains intact but the smell is greatly reduced as well. Most cannabis baggies come with a harvest date on them, but there’s rarely an expiration date as expiration dates can depend on many factors, mostly on how you store the nugs.

How to Store Weed Smell-Proof

You may think that there are many storage options for weed, and while that’s true, they won’t all be equally effective at both keeping the smell out and preserving its freshness. Sure, if you need to store your weed for a couple of days or a week, you shouldn’t sweat it, but if you need it to last for longer than that, keep reading.

Which Storage Container to Use

To start with, there are customized smell-proof containers on the market. They can come in different forms – there are glass jars with UV protection and a tight lid for a smaller stash. For larger weed quantities, there are smell-proof bags with a carbon lining that neutralizes the odor and comes with extra pockets for your grinder or vape. And of course, there are also smell-proof plastic cases lined with egg crate foam that keep the smell in (and your weed fresh).

However, if you want to keep it simple, you should focus on finding a conventional airtight container. The best storage option, in this case, is mason jars (because they have a tight-sealing mechanism). They’re the most commonly used storage containers among weed users, so you can be assured that they’re a great choice.

Avoid Using Plastic Containers for More Reasons than One

Tupperware and ziploc plastic bags, on the other hand, are not a good choice for many reasons.

First and foremost, plastic is more porous than glass and the smell can easily escape. On top of that, plastic can cause the weed to sweat out its moisture which increases the chances of mold formation. And thirdly, plastic holds a static charge which can attract the trichomes to stick to it, which will defeat the whole purpose of storage, as the trichomes are the main source of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Finally, tobacco humidors were made for tobacco only and if you store weed in one, it will not only let the smell escape, but can also increase moisture. Tobacco needs higher moisture levels than cannabis, and these humidors were built to suit tobacco, not cannabis – so they’re incompatible.

Where to Store Your Stash

Simply, cannabis keeps best in cool, dark, and dry places. Avoid direct sunlight at any cost because the UV rays degrade the cannabinoids. THC will transform into CBN, which is much less potent and has sedative effects.

You’ll want to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and you’ll risk moisture buildup which can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Basically, wherever you store your stash, make sure it’s away from sources of heat. Storing the weed in a dark cabinet in the pantry where it’s dry and cool is one good example.

In order to maintain the moisture levels in the containers, you can use boveda packs which are designed for this purpose, especially if you plan to keep the weed stored for months.

Long-Term Storage

Stored properly, the smell of weed will remain contained and the nugs will stay as fresh and potent as when you packed it. However, if you need to store your weed for longer periods of time, you can freeze it.

Freezing weed makes a lot of people frown, but in reality, it doesn’t ruin it as long as you’re careful with it. You can only freeze the nugs once you’re sure that there isn’t any remaining excess moisture. It’s recommended that you store the nugs at a normal temperature for a few weeks with a boveda pack in the container. When the moisture levels don’t change for a week, you’ll know that there isn’t any excess water and they’re ready to be frozen.

Most growers use two layers of freezer bags and then use aluminum foil to wrap the packed nugs. However, you can also use freezer-safe mason jars and freeze them directly. Jars are more likely to leave the trichomes intact, whereas with freezer bags you’ll have to be really, really careful.

When you’re ready to use your frozen stash, let it thaw naturally at room temperature and handle it carefully as frozen buds are very delicate and fragile.

The Takeaway – Proper Storage Every Day Will Keep the Smell Away

The phrase “keep it in a cool and dark place” has never been truer for anything other than weed. It will not only keep your weed fresh and potent, but it’ll also give you some discretion. The key is to keep it in an airtight container such as a mason jar, but if you want to level it up, there are more professional storage options. Freezing is the most permanent solution, as long as your weed has been properly cured beforehand, and you’re careful enough with the trichomes.

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