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Article Last Updated on January 6, 2023

The smell of marijuana is one of the main attributes that lures many weed enthusiasts, but unfortunately, it stinks up your home, your clothes, and your hair. No matter how much one likes the smell of ganja, one doesn’t always want to smell of skunk.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk about ways of smoking weed that will keep the smell to a minimum, plus we’ll give you some tips on how to cover up any lingering marijuana odors.

Smoking Weed Without Smell – Is It Doable?

Unfortunately, smoking weed is very smelly. The combustion of the cannabis buds produces a mixture of smells, though alluring, but very pungent. Smoking is the smelliest method of consumption and there is simply no way to completely eliminate the lingering odor.

What you can do, instead, is to try to neutralize the odor as much as possible by using a few tricks that are tested and tried by a lot of weed users. Once you find your preferred way of keeping the odor under control, you’ll easily develop it into a habit.

How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

Below we offer you some tips on how to smoke weed without stinking up your place. The most successful approach would be combining a few of these methods and making it a habit.

Keep It Outside, If You Can

This first tip is kinda obvious, but if you live somewhere where you can comfortably go outside to smoke, then it’s best to do that to keep the smell out of your home. This could be the garage, your backyard, your porch, or even your balcony if your neighbors don’t mind it. Smoking cannabis should be an enjoyable activity and being out in the fresh air can make it even more enjoyable. 

For Indoors, Proper Ventilation Is a Must

If you can’t really take it outside, then make sure you have proper ventilation at home, even just one open window can make a difference. Having enough airflow will let the cannabis smoke travel out of your home while you toke up, and the remaining odor will be easier to eliminate. 

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are great devices for removing allergens and impurities from the air, and they work really well for eliminating the smell of cannabis too. They come in different price ranges, but any air purifier you buy will definitely be effective. If you live in an area where your neighbors or your landlord are bothered by the weed smell, keeping an air purifier in your smoking area will make a big difference, especially if you’re a frequent user. 

Use a Sploof

One smoking accessory that’s well-worth adding to your collection is a personal smoke filter, or in other words, a sploof. Sploofs are cylindrical devices about the size of a lemon that neutralize marijuana smoke. Simply, you blow through the sploof upon exhaling and the air that comes out at the other end is not as strong, and with some devices, almost odorless.

Smokebuddy is the most popular sploof out there because it’s quite effective. Sploofy is another popular brand of sploofs. Both use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter technology that’s highly efficient in eliminating odors, plus they last about 300 hundred uses – a good few months even if you smoke every day.

DIY a Sploof

Alternatively, you can DIY a sploof, especially in a situation where you need it immediately. It’s a classic DIY filter that has been in the cannabis community for decades. Of course, it’s not as effective as a Smokebuddy, but it’s decent enough and better than using nothing at all and letting the joint stink up the place.

To make your DIY sploof you’ll need a toilet paper roll or a paper towel tube, a bunch of dryer sheets, and a rubber band. You can also use a plastic bottle instead of a toilet paper roll, but you’ll need to cut out the bottom part. 

Crumple up a few dryer sheets and stuff them inside the paper roll, but make sure there’s still enough room for the smoke to pass through, you don’t want to trap it there. Then, cover one end of the toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet by spreading it over the opening and use the rubber band to fasten it.

Then, as you smoke, exhale through the open end of the toilet paper roll, the one that’s uncovered. The smoke should come out of the other end with a much less noticeable smell of marijuana. If you use a plastic bottle, exhale through the mouthpiece of the bottle.

Choose a Bowl or Bong Over a Joint

If you can help it, when you want to minimize the smell of weed, skip the joint and go for a bowl or a bong. Joints are fun, but they’re “leaking” smoke from every angle. The cherry keeps burning and burning and leaves a trail of smoke much more pungent than the one coming out of your mouth.

Bowls and bongs are less stinky than joints, and even more so if you don’t pack them too tightly. Plus, if you exhale through a sploof and out the window, you’ll have less odor to eliminate in the room afterward. One-hitters are also excellent for when you want to keep the odor on the low. 

Invest In a Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are awesome for odor control. They’re not completely smell-proof, but they’re ions away from other smoking methods. There’s no combustion of the cannabis buds, which not only means more cannabinoids and terpenes for you, but also a lot less skunky odor. If keeping the smell to a minimum is important to you every time you consume weed, then switching to vaping could be a good idea. If you’d rather smoke cannabis concentrates than dry flowers, you can also invest in a good vape pen.

Give It Up and Switch to Edibles

In the end, when you’re in a pickle, choose edibles. Marijuana smoke has a really strong odor that’s difficult to eliminate, so when you won’t have the time or resources to deal with it, opt for edibles as a smoke-free alternative. There is a great variety of edibles, so you won’t have any trouble choosing, and if you just want to keep it simple, then go for weed capsules.

How to Cover Up the Lingering Smell of Cannabis 

Weed leaves a lingering smell after you smoke and that is a fact. But, hopefully, using some of the tips we provided, you’ll have less stink to deal with.

Here’s what we’ll say: to get rid of the smell of weed more effectively, first you should neutralize it as much as possible, and then cover up any remaining traces. If your room reeks and you only spray your body spray on top of it, it’ll only make it more stinky.

Therefore, choose air fresheners such as Ozium, Lysol, or Febreze that not only emit a fresh smell, but also neutralize foul odors. Other than that, there are also brands that produce scented candles and air sprays that are specifically made to neutralize the smell of marijuana. You can also use essential oil dispensers – peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus work especially well because they contain some of the same terpenes as weed, so they’ll blend in nicely.

Finally, since weed smoke easily latches on to fabric, such as carpets, sofas, and bedding, if you toke up at home frequently, they will probably have a noticeable weed smell. Apart from cleaning or washing the smelly items, you can also use some baking soda, which is a great deodorizer. 

Just buy one of the large packets and generously sprinkle some over the problematic parts that can be vacuumed. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight and then vacuum it. The smell should be greatly reduced.

​The Takeaway

Weed is pretty stinky, and while marijuana users like it, not all of us appreciate it all the time, especially when the smell starts accumulating in our homes. While there is no fool-proof way to smoke weed without any smell, there are ways to reduce the smell to a minimum and cover it up. 

The most important thing when smoking weed is to make sure there is always airflow so that the smoke smell doesn’t accumulate. Other than that, sploofs are very effective (even homemade ones), and air purifiers can be a godsend. In all other cases, make sure you exhale through a window, or if all else fails, switch to vaping as a consumption method with minimal smell.

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