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Article Last Updated on December 26, 2022

This isn’t the first time we’ve written an article on finding new and creative ways to smoke cannabis when you don’t have your cannabis smoking devices, like your vaporizer, bong, or your dab rig, on hand. Previously, we’ve covered topics such as how to smoke weed without a piece, without rolling papers, or without any equipment at all, and in this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on how to smoke weed out of a plastic water bottle or soda bottle by transforming it into a homemade bong.

If you’re into DIYs and are in dire need to consume some weed, stick with us to find out how you can make a water pipe, a bong, or a gravity bong by using some items that you probably have lying around your home. We’ll finish the article by giving you a tutorial on how to smoke some THC-rich buds with your new smoking device.

How to Make a DIY Water Bottle Pipe?

If this is the first time you’re trying to make a homemade cannabis smoking device, you have nothing to worry about as this simple tutorial will help you make the easiest pipe in just a few steps. To make this water bottle pipe, you’ll only need a few items which include:

  • 1 plastic bottle;
  • 1 pair of scissors;
  • 1 piece of aluminum foil;
  • 1 toothpick.

Follow the steps below to make your homemade water bottle pipe:

  1. The first step towards making your own pipe is to wash the bottle well, and allow it to fully dry.
  2. Cut out a 2.5 x 2.5 inch square out of the aluminium foil (5 x 5 cm).
  3. Cover the opening of the bottle with the previously cut piece of aluminum foil, make a bowl out of it, and secure foil over the top. You’ll place your weed here after you’ve finished making the pipe.
  4. Poke a few tiny holes in the aluminium foil bowl with the toothpick to allow airflow in the bottle. Alternatively, you can use a needle if you don’t have a toothpick.
  5. Make a 1 inch (2.5 cm) hole on the side of the bottle where the label ends using a pair of scissors and be careful not to rip the bottle. The hole will be your makeshift mouthpiece.
  6. Add your weed to the bowl (but don’t overpack it) and you’re ready to use your new pipe.

How to Smoke Out of Your Water Bottle Pipe?

After you’ve made your pipe and packed it with your desired amount of weed that’s been ground up to perfection, light the weed and place the mouthpiece next to your mouth. Cover the hole completely and wait until your water bottle fills up with smoke. All that’s left to do now is to relax and enjoy your cannabis smoke.

How to Make a Gravity Bong (Water Bottle Bong)?

The gravity bong, geeb, or geebie, is one of the most popular cannabis smoking devices you can make at home. 

To make the gravity bong at home you’ll need:

  • 1 plastic bottle;
  • 1 piece of tinfoil;
  • 1 toothpick;
  • 1 small plastic bottle with a lid;
  • Water.

Follow the steps below to make your homemade gravity bong:

  1. Wash the plastic bottles and set aside the larger bottle that will go to the bottom, and the smaller bottle which will go to the top.
  2. With a pair of scissors, remove the top part of the larger bottle below the top line of the label.
  3. Remove the bottom part of the smaller bottle.
  4. Place the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle.
  5. The final thing you need to make is a bowl that will be placed inside the smaller bottle cap.
  6. Cut a hole in the middle of the bottle cap.
  7. Make a bowl with a piece of aluminum foil and place it inside the hole in the lid. 
  8. Seal the bowl tightly and poke small holes with a toothpick. 
  9. Fill the bottom bottle with about ¾ of cool water.
  10. Push the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle, and your gravity bong is ready to use. 

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Gravity Bong?

After you’ve made your gravity bong, fill your makeshift bowl with the ground-up weed. Pack the bowl sufficiently, but don’t overcrowd it (you can always add more weed later). Keep in mind that smoking from a bong can produce a more intense high compared to smoking from a pipe or joint. 

To smoke from your bong, you first need to fill the plastic bottle with smoke. For that, you’ll need to pull the small container upwards to allow the smoke to fill the bottle. Unscrew the cap and place your lips over the opening of the bottle. Before you take a hit, make sure to push the small bottle down to funnel the smoke through the water and make sure the cannabis smoke reaches the mouthpiece. Then, inhale and enjoy getting high.

How to Make a Waterfall Bong?

The waterfall bong is known as the reverse gravity bong and it uses one plastic bottle instead of two. It’s simpler to make compared to the gravity bong and you can use it instead of your glass bong.

To make the waterfall bong, you’ll need:

  • A plastic 2-liter bottle;
  • A screwdriver;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • A piece of tinfoil;
  • A toothpick.

Once you’ve collected all the household items you’ll need, it’s time to start making your waterfall bong:

  1. Clean and dry your plastic bottle before use and unscrew the cap.
  2. Make a hole in the middle of the bottle cap with your screwdriver, or use a knife if you don’t have a screwdriver on hand. Start with a tiny hole and make it larger (about ¼ inch or 0.6 cm wide) to ensure a fast draw.
  3. Cover the hole with a piece of tinfoil, and secure it tightly.
  4. Poke a few small holes in the tinfoil to allow the cannabis smoke to enter the bottle. 
  5. Make a hole small enough to cover your finger near the bottom of the bottle which will serve as a carb.
  6. Fill the bowl with ground-up marijuana and you’re ready to start smoking.

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Waterfall Bong?

All that’s left now is to give your waterfall bong a test drive. Cover the carb hole with your finger and fill the plastic bottle with water. Screw the cap back on and light the marijuana. Remove your finger from the hole and let the water spill out and get replaced by cannabis smoke. Once you have enough smoke inside the bottle, remove the flames and unscrew the cap. Finally, place your mouth on the bottle and breathe in the psychoactive smoke.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Weed Out of a Water Bottle

As you figured out throughout the last few paragraphs, making your own cannabis smoking device is really easy, cheap, and fast – so there’s no reason for despair if you’re left at home without your favorite bong. Chances are you have a water bottle, a pair of scissors, and aluminum foil, so you can make your own bong or pipe without much fuss. After creating your homemade smoking device, it’s time to use it to smoke a CBD-rich or THC-rich cannabis strain depending on what you feel like, and relax.

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