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Article Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Even though smoking weed is the preferred method of smoking marijuana, it comes with a downside – the smell of weed that sticks to one’s hair, clothes, and even on furniture. While some enjoy the smell of weed, others want to mask it due to various reasons (or simply dislike the smell).

Even the raw cannabis flower has a distinctive smell and you can smell the aroma by just visiting your local dispensary. The scent is a result of more than 200 terpenes present in the plant. They’re the ones that give weed that tropical, citrus, pine, herbal, and other scents depending on the cannabis strain you choose to consume.

Indeed, one way you can mask weed smell is by smoking it in the bathroom. This article will focus on how to set your bathroom for a weed sesh and come out of the bathroom smelling fresh, so read on.

Preparing Your Surroundings Before Lighting Up

First and foremost comes opening the window in your bathroom before you do anything else. Since a bit of marijuana smell will linger no matter what you do, it’s best to smoke out of the window, or even combine the techniques below with smoking out of your bathroom window.

If you decide to smoke indoors, the bathroom is the best room to do it in because you can turn your shower on. That being said, you will need to do a few additional steps before starting the shower and lighting up. 

Firstly, you need to start the exhaust fan in order to enable constant airflow and good ventilation in the room. Turning on the bathroom fan will help you ventilate the room easier after you finish smoking.

Secondly, you need to place a wet towel under the bottom of the door to prevent the marijuana smell from spreading to the next room. You should close off all cracks that enable air to get through to other rooms.

And finally, you need to turn the hot water from the shower on, and once the room starts to look like a steaming hot sauna, you’ll know it’s time to start smoking.

Minimizing the Smell of Weed During Your Smoking Sesh

If you want to minimize weed smell even further, you can use a few extra precautions. 

Filters, Air Purifiers, and Deodorizers

Carbon or activated charcoal filters are a great way to mask your weed smoking session which you can place around the room you’re smoking in. You can also use an air purifier, or even spray some scented deodorant, or an air freshener like Febreze. It can also help to open the windows and start your fan.

Burning Incense or Diffusing Essential Oils

To mask the smell of weed in your bathroom, you can always burn some incense or light a scented candle. You could also turn your diffuser on and put your favorite essential oil blend inside if you don’t have candles or incense on hand.

Making a Sploof

If all else fails and you don’t have candles or air fresheners on hand, you could always make your DIY smoke buddy – a cannabis sploof.

Making the sploof is really easy and it requires just a few household items like toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, scented dryer sheets, and rubber bands. To make it, you need to fill the toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and add a rubber band-secured dryer sheet at the end of the roll. 

Using it is easy and requires the user to inhale from the cannabis smoking device and exhale inside the sploof. The dryer sheets improve the smoke smell and make it seem like you’re smelling washed clothes. However, you should make sure that you only exhale inside the sploof since inhaling from it can put you at risk of inhaling harmful chemicals.

How to Consume Cannabis Instead of Smoking a Joint?

In order to reduce the smell of cannabis while smoking, you may want to try other cannabis consumption methods.


Vaping cannabis results in less odor compared to smoking joints. That is a result of the lower temperature at which vape pens combust weed. To further reduce weed smell, clean your vape pen often and prevent buildup that might produce a bad smell.  


Using bongs is also a safer option for cannabis consumption when it comes to reducing the smell of cannabis. When you smoke weed with a bong, the weed comes in contact with the water in the bong and softens the smell of cannabis.

Smoking Weed In the Bathroom

To reduce the smell of marijuana when smoking, a lot of people decide to do it behind bathroom doors with the shower turned on. However, before you start to toke, you need to prepare your surroundings for an undetected weed sesh.

  1. When you get into the bathroom, you should have your preferred smoking device filled with weed, a wet towel for the door, another clean towel, and clean clothes.
  2. After you get in the bathroom and you’ve made sure you’ll be undisturbed for the next half hour, turn on the hot water, and leave the shower curtain open.
  3. Your bathroom should look like a steam room before you light up. 
  4. Turn your bathroom fan on, place the wet towel under the door, and start smoking, vaping, or inhaling from your bong.
  5. While smoking, direct your smoke towards an open window or a vent nearby.
  6. Once you’ve finished smoking, turn the shower off, but leave the fan on for an extra 30 minutes, so the weed smoke can get sucked in by the fan.
  7. The final step would be to take a shower to remove the marijuana smell from your body and hair.

Additional Tips For a Better Experience

For a more pleasant weed sesh, you can turn on your favorite music and get into full relaxation mode, and even keep track of the time you’ve spent in the bathroom. Another good tip is to use a vape pen or a bong instead of a joint because they don’t smell as much. And finally, make sure you smoke slowly to prevent consuming more weed than you can tolerate.

Smoking Weed in the Shower

Smoking weed in the shower is the easiest way to mask weed scent. The steam from the shower will not only mask the scent, but will also give you a reason for staying in the bathroom for a longer period of time. You can even get a quick shower afterward to remove the weed smell from your skin and hair. It’s a good idea to also wash your clothes after smoking since the smell of weed can linger there as well.

Keep in mind that you can also use candles, air fresheners, incense, diffused essential oils, and even a homemade sploof to conceal the weed smell in the bathroom. Whichever you choose, remember to turn the bathroom fan on, or open a window so the smoke can leave the bathroom in the end.

Final Words on Masking Marijuana Smoke

While a lot of us enjoy the cannabinoids found in weed which give us the psychoactive effects (THC), and the sedative effects (CBD), nobody enjoys the lingering smell of dank weed that sticks to your clothes, hair, and the walls in the room where you’ve been smoking.

To mask the smell of marijuana, you can always decide to use a one hitter or a quick dab, and take them into the bathroom. The steam from your shower can mask the weed scent, and the fan will help you ventilate the room faster after you’ve finished your session. 

And the best part is that after your enjoyable experience, you get to take a shower and feel both relaxed and refreshed.

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