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Article Last Updated on December 27, 2022

Marijuana users and non-users alike know that smoking marijuana is by far the most common way that first-timers get introduced to weed. Smoking a joint can be an incredibly sociable activity where you get blazed with fellow weed enthusiasts and just enjoy yourself and chill for a while.

However, smoking a joint isn’t the only way of being in sweet Mary Jane’s company. Rolling weed is an art form and there are more ways to roll it up than one. So, today we want to talk about the joint’s cousin – the weed blunt

Blunts are less commonly talked about, though weed enthusiasts smoke blunts pretty often. They’re just overshadowed by joints as smoking joints is such an iconic way of consuming weed. However, smoking a blunt is cool too, and today we’ll talk about how to smoke one, as well as brush up on the basics of smoking weed and some other smoking devices for when you want to experiment.

The Basics of Smoking Cannabis

When it’s your first time smoking weed, learning by doing is not a bad way to get started. However, having some background knowledge could make it even more fun because you’ll know what you’re doing and what to expect.

Pick a Consumption Method

If it’s your first time smoking weed, you’ll want to pick a consumption method. We’ll tell you straight upfront that even though bongs may seem attractive, they produce a lot of smoke that may be overwhelming for a first-timer. Therefore, it’s best to start with something milder.

Smoking a joint is a good neutral choice as you’ll have better control of the smoke you inhale. If you’re sensitive to smoke and your throat gets irritated easily, you can also try vaping as its smoke is much lighter. Otherwise, a joint is a classic, there is no beating that.

Pick Your Cannabis Strain

If you’ve never lit up a Mary Jane before, knowing the following information can be immensely helpful when you’re just getting started. Basically, it’s all about the THC and CBD ratio. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you high, while CBD is non-intoxicating and has calming effects.

A lot of beginners can be sensitive to the effects of THC and start feeling anxiety and paranoia when they get high. This is nothing to worry about, but as a first-timer, you should try to find a strain that’s either balanced in the THC to CBD ratio, or CBD dominant. This will ease your way into the world of Mary Jane and you’ll soon be ready to try out all kinds of strains in the dispensary.

Mind the Dosage

When smoking weed for the first time, it’s normal that you won’t have any tolerance to THC, meaning that it’ll take fewer tokes to feel its effects. Therefore, one or two puffs are always recommended for beginners, and wait for about 10-15 minutes before you take the second hit. Inhaling more than you need may cause you to feel some side effects and will make for an unpleasant cannabis experience.

How to Roll It Up Properly

  1. Use a grinder to grind the weed coarsely, but evenly. If you over grind it, it will burn too soon and the smoke will be harsh. Take one sheet of rolling paper and place it before you with the glue side up. The glue side should be opposite and parallel to you. 
  1. Next, place a filter at one end of the joint and distribute the ground weed in the center in a long line across the rolling paper. Keep in mind that it should be as thick as a regular cigarette, more or less. If you don’t have a filter, you can make one by tearing half an inch of rolling paper and rolling it into a tight spiral.
  1. Carefully pick the paper up and lick the glue part to make it sticky. Using your thumbs, index, and middle fingers, gently roll the paper into a U shape while you adjust the weed. Then, start rolling the paper forward and backward until it starts to curve. 
  1. Keep rolling it and be patient, as it can take a few minutes to get it right. Make sure there’s no space between the rolling paper and the weed, or in other words, roll it up as tight as a burrito. Lick it once again if you’ve noticed it has gotten a little dry, but be very careful of messing it up. Once you’re done rolling, seal it up and pinch the other end tightly to prevent weed from escaping.

How to Light It Up Properly

Now that you have a nice joint, you should light it up and reward yourself for the effort. 

Lighting the joint should be done carefully because if you mess it up, it will burn unevenly and your rolling effort may go to waste. 

The best way to do it is to start applying flame to the tip of the joint while you’re rotating it with your fingers. Once it has started burning up nicely, you can try inhaling (you can also add some more flame if needed, to make sure it’s burning).

The Best Way to Inhale

Any experienced weed smoker will tell you that taking a hit together with fresh air is the most efficient way. This means that once you draw the smoke into your mouth, you need to take it to inhale it with a breath of fresh air. Inhaling like this will help to deliver the cannabinoids more efficiently.

Additionally, the best way to inhale is to do it slowly and softly. Count to four on inhale, hold it for two, and then exhale for four seconds. Don’t hold the marijuana smoke for longer than that as it’s completely unnecessary (and can only make you dizzy because of oxygen deprivation).

What Is a Blunt and How to Smoke a Blunt?

A blunt is an emptied-out cigar that’s been filled with ground weed instead of tobacco. It can also refer to marijuana that’s wrapped in tobacco leaf wrappers or blunt wraps. Blunts are a common method of consumption, though not as common as joints as they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. 

However, many weed connoisseurs actually prefer the tobacco aroma and buzz that they get from a blunt. When cannabis and tobacco are combined, the effects are more pronounced and they burn a little slower than joints.

How to Roll a Blunt

Rolling a blunt can be a little trickier than a joint as your wrapping material is different. You’ll need a blunt wrap, a cigar or cigarillo, and make sure you pick one that isn’t too dry as it may break when you try to roll it.

  1. Once again, grind your weed before you roll the blunt;
  2. Then, empty the cigar or cigarillo. The best way to do it is to cut the blunt in the direction of the length and empty the tobacco. You can save it for spliffs for later or just roll it in a cigarette paper and have a smoke. If you’re using blunt wraps, you can skip this step.
  3. Next, wet the tobacco wrap with a few drops of water to make it easier to handle and fill it up with ground weed.
  4. Now you should start rolling it. The process is similar to rolling a joint – you need to pack it evenly and tightly, but be gentle enough when rolling it to prevent it from cracking. Once it’s rolled up, lick the edge before you seal it.
  5. Finally, light it up.

Other Smoking Devices to Try

If you want to enjoy different smoking experiences, you can try out some other smoking devices.


Bongs are a classic, just like joints. They come in every shape and form and they use water filtration to clean up the smoke a little bit. If you don’t have a ready-made one, you can DIY a gravity bong with just two water bottles when you find yourself in need.


Pipes are a classy way of smoking weed and they have never gone out of fashion. Besides the classic pipe, one-hitters are a popular type of pipe because they can hold weed just enough for a single hit and are great for microdosing.

Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Vaporizers and vape pens have become pretty popular in recent years. Vaporizing is considered healthier than smoking a joint because the smoke is much lighter and easier on the throat. Modern vaporizers are portable and discreet and they can vaporize dry herbs and/or cannabis concentrates.


Bubblers are small and powerful devices because they work just like bongs, but they’re as small as pipes, and they offer the benefits of both. No cons whatsoever.

Dab Rig

Dab rigs are for pro connoisseurs just because the concentrates that they vaporize are incredibly powerful and therefore not suitable for beginners. However, the smoke is very light and the high is an unforgettable experience.

The Takeaway – If You Like Tobacco Flavor, You Should Totally Smoke a Blunt

Admittedly, blunts aren’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to smoking weed, but for weed connoisseurs, they’re a classic favorite. Plus, they’re worth trying just for the experience – the ritual of getting the cigar or blunt wraps, grinding the weed and rolling it, and finally smoking it and enjoying yourself. They may not be that easy to roll, but after a few rolled blunts, you’ll quickly catch the drift.

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