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Article Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Sometimes called “cannabis caviar”, Moon Rocks are highly potent weed nugs that will likely “send you to the moon and back”. Most cannabis connoisseurs agree that smoking these powerful terpene- and cannabinoid-rich nugs will provide you with the most insane high.

With a THC content of around 50% and more, Moon Rocks are among the more potent methods you can consume marijuana. If you are using Moon Rock weed for the first time, we’ll give you the 411 about these powerful cannabis products so you don’t enter the Moon Rock game unprepared.

What Are Moon Rocks and Who Invented Them?

Moon Rocks are little nuggets of cannabis flower, coated in a cannabis concentrate, and finally rolled in terpene-rich kief. As a result of combining a few potent cannabis products, this cannabis blend will provide you with a high like no other.  

Initially, Moon Rocks were created using the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain which is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, but today they are made by using any strain of weed and combining it with kief and concentrate.

They were popularized by the former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records, West Coast rapper Kurupt. Along with his partner Dr. Zodiak, they trademarked their own Moon Rocks which are labeled as the strongest buds in the galaxy.

How to Make Moon Rocks? 

In order to make Moon Rocks (or Moonrock weed), you’ll need cannabis buds, concentrates, and kief. The potency of your final product will depend on the ingredients you use and their amount. The process is similar to making energy balls where the buds are the dry ingredients, the concentrate is the liquid exterior, and you finish it off by rolling your favorite topping which is the kief. 

Cannabis Buds

The first cannabis product needed to make Moon Rocks is fresh, whole-flower cannabis buds. To get the best result, it’s recommended to use high-quality, freshly-cured indoor flowers that aren’t completely dried, so you don’t run the risk of the buds crumbling into pieces.

Cannabis Concentrates or Oils

The next ingredient you will need is a cannabis-based liquid, and the possible choices are endless. You could choose from hash oil, cannabis oil, cannabutter, flower rosin, live resin, etc. If the concentrate or butter is solid, you will need to melt it so it’s pourable.

Once you have your liquid of choice, you could either dip the cannabis bud in the oil or concentrate or use a liquid dropper to cover the nugget while holding the bud with a pair of tongs or tweezers.


Kief is often called pollen or dry sift, and it refers to the sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower. The final step to creating your Moon Rocks is to get the kief from the bottom of your grinder, or buy it from a local dispensary, and generously coat your nuggets. It’s important to give your Moon Rock enough time to dry before you smoke it.

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

There are a few methods you could use to smoke your Moon Rocks, and which method you use depends on your personal preference.

Roll Them in a Joint

One of the most basic ways you could smoke your cannabis filled rocks is to roll them in a joint. You could use regular weed as the base for your joint and put tiny pieces of Moon Rock in between. It’s important to remember to cut pieces of your Moon Rock with a sharp knife, instead of just crumbling it, so you don’t risk wasting precious kief from the top, or the concentrate melting in your hands. Finally, roll your joint, light it, and enjoy the psychoactive effects that ensue from your moon rocks weeds.

Use Glassware Instead of Joints

Pipes and bongs work best for smoking these psychoactive nuggets. Use some regular weed at the bottom of your bong as a base that will help the rock burn evenly. Once heated, wax or concentrate will be melted and the flower will start burning. Inhale slowly and evenly, and make sure you wait a few minutes between every hit.

Effects of Moon Rocks Weed

The effects of Moon Rocks vary depending on how high the levels of THC in the rock are, as well as your tolerance to THC. It takes about 30 minutes for the full effects to kick in, although you could feel some effects even after your first inhale. The high may last a couple of hours, or until the next day, depending on how much you have smoked.

Some side effects that could happen as a result of using these cannabis products are dry eyes, cottonmouth, dehydration, munchies, increased heart rate, as well as anxiety, headaches, and paranoia. 

In order to avoid experiencing side effects, it’s best to start slow, make sure you’re well-hydrated, and eat something prior to smoking. It’s also important to remember that this is a powerful cannabis product and you might want to finish all your other tasks before smoking because you could end up couch-locked. Moon Rocks don’t work the same as other cannabis strains that can give you an energetic high where you’re ready for action, like when using Blue Dream, so have this in mind. 

What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

This type of Moon Rock is a great alternative for people who want to avoid using high THC cannabis products. CBD Moon Rocks are made from hemp flowers and use a hemp-derived wax and kief to coat the flower. As a result of the low amounts of THC, CBD rock won’t cause a high, but you should still consume them in moderation as overconsumption can cause mild lightheadedness and dizziness.

What Are Sun Rocks?

Sun Rocks are an improved version of Moon Rocks which can reach THC levels of over 80%. Generally, the strain OG Kush is used for the buds, butane hash oil (BHO) is used to coat the bud, and kief is added at the end. Sun Rocks are more potent compared to Moon Rocks as a result of the THC levels of BHO which can vary between 20% and 60%.

Final Thoughts

Moon Rocks are one of the most recent additions to the cannabis scene, and they are recommended for more experienced cannabis consumers since they are very powerful. Typically, the THC levels in Moon Rocks are around 50%, although they can be higher.

If you want to make them at home, you could use your preferred marijuana strain for the buds, and you could top them with hash oil, cannabutter, and concentrates, depending on your preference. The final thing to do is roll these cannabis nuggets in kief and enjoy the effects you get when smoking them in a joint or a bong.

If you decide to buy them premade, you will benefit from having your budtender give you information about the potency and effects of the Moon Rocks they have at the dispensary.

Make sure that you are well hydrated and have eaten before you start enjoying the good vibe these cannabis products provide, as well as practice moderation in order to avoid side effects.

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