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Article Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Maybe you want to start growing your favorite kush or skunk strain, or you’re thinking about growing your own medical marijuana. No matter your reasons behind wanting to cultivate weed, if you’re thinking about becoming a marijuana grower, among the first things you’ll need are some high-quality marijuana seeds to get you started on your cultivation journey.

You might have even done your fair share of research on the best cannabis seeds you can buy and where to buy them from, but if this is your first time buying cannabis seeds online, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, we’ll go into the details about safely ordering marijuana seeds so you can grow your own marijuana plant, including how you can buy cannabis seeds from the USA.

Cannabis Seeds and Important Growing Factors

The marijuana plant can be grown either from a seed or a clone. Cannabis seeds are essential for the cultivation of marijuana as they contain all the necessary genetic information for the reproduction and growth of a new plant.

In order to grow your own cannabis plant, you’ll need to get acquainted with all the conditions that are necessary to get your cannabis seed from the germination stage to the flowering stage. As planted seeds begin to develop, they’ll need the appropriate amount of light, humidity, and nutrients in order to thrive. 

Furthermore, you’ll have to choose the type of marijuana strain you’re thinking about cultivating and familiarize yourself with all the necessary steps that are needed for optimal growth and harvest. On the one side, you can choose to grow an Indica plant which is short and stocky and can provide you with a relaxing body high. And on the other side, you can go for a taller and skinnier Sativa plant which produces euphoric and creative feelings.

Whether you’re growing a high-CBD medical marijuana cannabis strain, or want to plant a strain with a high THC content so you can enjoy your recreational psychoactive high, the possibilities are endless, but you do need to research properly so you’ll have a proper yield.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

While on your quest for the best marijuana seed out there, you as a grower should decide which types of seeds you’ll grow after reading the following paragraphs. Since all your weed seeds won’t germinate, keep in mind that you’ll need to buy a higher amount of seeds as some of them will be thrown away as male plants, and some of them might not even germinate. 


Regular seeds are a mix of females and males and will yield both female and male plants after planting them. These are often the preferred seeds for most cultivators as they haven’t been backcrossed as much as autoflower or feminized seeds

The only downside to regular seeds is that you’ll need to separate the male plants from the female in order for the former not to pollinate the latter given that male plants don’t produce buds. 

If you’re planning on growing regular seeds, start with 4 times the amount you’re aiming to get as plants because half of your plants might turn out to be male, and from the remaining half some might not even germinate.


Feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce buds and using them diminishes the chances of having a male plant incidentally pollinate your female plants. Even a few males can pollinate your whole stash and cause your female plants to yield seeds instead of buds.  

If you’re planning on growing feminized seeds, start with 2 times the amount you’re aiming to get as plants because some might not germinate, and you may discard some to get to the very best phenotypes possible.


Autoflowering seeds are very popular among cultivators as a result of the short amount of time it takes for them to get to the harvesting phase that can come in as early as 2 ½ to 3 months from when you plant the seeds. The only drawback to autoflowers is that they’re less potent than other seeds.

How Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

You’ve done all your research and now it’s time to buy your seeds, and there are certain things you should be careful of when it comes to ordering seeds from online seed banks. Deciding to purchase seeds online can be a more private way to acquire your cannabis seeds, but to do that you need to research reputable seed banks to make sure the product you’re getting is top-notch. 

Before you go online and start shopping for your pot seeds, you’ll need to check the legality of weed in your country, as well as the local laws. This is essential since you wouldn’t want customs to seize your shipment upon arrival. After all those things, the shopping part comes next.

Important Information Related to Buying Pot Seeds Online

When buying weed seeds from cannabis seed banks, it’s important to use a verified site that sells products of the highest quality. It’s also reassuring that nowadays online credit card payments are more secure compared to the past. Moreover, the seed bank won’t have your customer data as the payment processor destroys it after payment.

Different marijuana seed banks offer different payment methods. While some only use credit card payments via bank transfers and paying cash on delivery, as the market is constantly evolving, now you can even find cannabis seed banks that use bitcoin.

If you’re a first time buyer and you want to ensure your privacy, you may decide to have your shipment delivered to a mailbox, use a different email address (just make sure it’s not a business one), and you can even choose a shipping method that doesn’t require a signature upon collecting. 

It would be best to start with smaller orders so you can test and see if the quality of the seed bank’s seeds matches your quality standards. You can always buy more, and you wouldn’t be as disappointed if customs suddenly seizes your shipment as you would be if it were a bigger shipment. And you may even get free seeds and stealth shipping as a bonus.

Buying Marijuana Seeds From Marijuana Seed Banks

Seed banks may be your best option for buying quality cannabis seeds. Ordering from cannabis seed banks may be a good idea if you’re buying marijuana seeds in a country, state, or province where weed is legal. Additionally, you can even see reviews and experiences relevant to the product you’re thinking about buying from other people who have used that particular seed company.

And even if you’re coming from a country where buying cannabis seeds is illegal, some seed companies provide very discreet packaging so the shipment may not even be detected by customs control. Although this isn’t a sure fact and the package might get confiscated by the authorities, it’s not very likely that they’ll charge you with anything.

Buying Marijuana Seeds From Licensed Dispensaries, Seed Shops, and Seedsmen

If weed is legal in your country, high-quality marijuana can even be available to you at local seed shops, through a seedsman, and in dispensaries. Since dispensaries generally focus on other cannabis products like buds, resin, concentrates, etc., they’re unlikely to have a selection of buds as large as the one you’ll find at a seed shop. 

Seed shops generally have a large selection of quality cannabis seeds that you can choose from. A good option is also to buy the seeds from a local seedsman since you can receive information about how the seeds were cultivated. Buying good seeds will be crucial for a good yield and a high-quality final product. So you should do your best and research where and how you can buy the best quality seeds your budget will allow.

Final Thoughts on Buying Cannabis Seeds in the USA

While weed is completely legal in Canada, that isn’t the case all around the United States, since the legality of marijuana varies from state to state. Your best option would be to check your local laws and see what the best option to buy pot seeds is.

And even if weed isn’t legal to buy in your state, you can still benefit from international worldwide shipment. The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, is the home of some reputable Dutch seed companies such as Nirvana, MSNL Seeds, and Amsterdam Marijuana Seed. With that being said, you can always order your weed seeds from the source where the highest quality seeds come from and have them shipped to the USA.

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