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Article Last Updated on January 7, 2023

Inhaling weed has never been as versatile as it is nowadays. From smoking a joint, spliff, or a blunt, to vaping or using a bong, the ways you can toke on ganja are numerous. So far, the joint remains irreplaceable, but sometimes you’re just out of rolling papers. This is where the cigarette comes in handy. 

Cigarette paper is quite similar to a rolling paper and it’s one of the best replacements when you’re out of rolling paper. Cannabis enthusiasts who also smoke tobacco find cigarettes especially practical for when they want to mix a little bit of both cannabis and tobacco.

So, let’s talk about how you can use a cigarette in times when you want to roll up a joint but all you have on you are cigarettes, as well as how to spice up your ordinary cigarette.

How to Smoke Weed Using an Empty Cigarette

Using an emptied cigarette to smoke weed can be a lifesaver in some situations, but this would also mean that you’ll have to empty the cigarette before filling it up again. To make the process easier and more successful, you have to use a grinder. Unlike when you roll a joint and you have the rolling paper open in front of you, the cigarette is already rolled up. 

You should grind the weed into pieces that are small enough to be neatly packed into the empty cigarette. Don’t grind it into dust as this will make it burn very fast and it will ruin your smoking experience.

Emptying a cigarette isn’t a difficult process, but it can be more time-consuming than just rolling up a joint. Let’s see how to perform this operation step by step.

  1. Start by turning the filter end of the cigarette up and gently rolling it between your thumb and index fingers, almost like massaging it. The tobacco should start to fall down and soon you will be left with an empty cigarette;
  2. Once the cigarette tube is empty, prepare the ground weed. Using your fingers, start packing it into the emptied cigarette little by little. This will probably take a little patience, but you will finish it eventually. Using something small and long like a q-tip can help you to pack the weed more tightly into the cigarette tube;
  3. Pull out the cigarette filter using a needle or tweezers and put a crutch (joint filter) in its place. Some users like to leave the cigarette filter and poke several holes in it to make the cannabis smoke more pleasant. Some of them even cut off half of the filter, but they don’t completely remove it. This is completely up to your preferences.
  4. Enjoy your ganja cigarette!

What Happens If You Mix Cannabis With Tobacco?

Mixing cannabis and tobacco (aka rolling a spliff) is a common practice among cannabis smokers who are also tobacco smokers. 

The effects of nicotine combined with the effects of THC and CBD offer a smoking experience that’s a little different than the high you get from just weed. Usually, the head rush is more pronounced as nicotine stimulates the production of adrenaline. The initial buzz might make you more lightheaded due to the effects of nicotine.

Nicotine is also thought to make THC more bioavailable to the body, meaning that a larger percentage of THC will be absorbed, compared to just weed without the tobacco.

The biggest concern about tobacco, though, is that tobacco smoke contains many toxins and carcinogens. For this reason, there is an open debate as to whether cannabis smoke is just as harmful as cigarette smoke. Tobacco is also highly addictive, much more addictive than weed, so non-smokers will be at a greater risk of developing a nicotine addiction. 

Another Way of Spicing Up A Cigarette

Apart from going the classic route by mixing tobacco and dry cannabis, there is another way to spice up your smoking experience, and that is by using cannabis concentrates

Dry cannabis herbs can be a little harsh and some people just don’t enjoy the taste, especially when combined with tobacco. But, cannabis concentrates are much more flavorful, or neutral at the very least, plus they offer a lot more THC action.

Let’s see in what ways you can use cannabis concentrates to give your cig some THC boost.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

The term butane hash oil refers to any type of cannabis concentrate made by using a butane extraction. There are many different types of BHO, depending on their consistency, but they’re all very powerful and contain a high THC percentage. They are also quite flavorful and will lend a nice aroma to the smoke.

One way is to roll a small amount of cannabis wax between your fingers and shape it into a long and thin spool, then carefully wrap it around the cigarette in a spiral. If you have something less malleable on hand, like shatter, it’s best to heat it first so it can be easier to work with. Then shape it between your fingers and roll it around the cig.


Hash or hashish is another form of cannabis concentrate that’s made by mechanically extracting the trichomes of the cannabis plant and compressing them into bricks. Hash is a popular concentrate that’s very easy to work with and it goes well with tobacco. The best way to use hash is to empty the cigarette and mix the tobacco with some hash before putting it back into the empty cigarette. 

Or, Try a More Conventional Smoking Method

If you’d rather stick to pure weed and use classic smoking methods, then you can always lean on using a bong or packing a bowl. One-hitters are also excellent smoking devices for when you want to control your doses or need smaller boosts throughout the day. Alternatively, you can use a dry herb vaporizer or a vape pen if you want a lighter and more flavorful smoke. 

Some Tips for Smoking Weed, Whatever Method You Use

Regardless of the method you choose to use, and whether you like to mix weed with tobacco, one thing is for sure – learning how to maneuver weed will provide you with the most pleasurable experience. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Always buy rolling papers that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It may seem irrelevant, but other brands may contain chemicals that can be toxic when inhaled;
  2. Buy your cannabis products from trustworthy dispensaries. With the legalization of weed,  a lot of dispensaries have popped up, but not all of them sell high-quality products. Therefore, pay attention to where you buy your weed from;
  3. Glass bongs and bowls will always be superior to plastic ones. Keep them clean if you want to use them for a long time;
  4. Don’t hold the smoke for long as you will expose your lungs to toxic chemicals. Weed may not be as addictive as tobacco, but the smoke still contains irritants.

Bottom Line

Empty cigarettes are a good replacement for rolling papers because their materials are very similar and burn at a similar speed so your smoking experience doesn’t suffer. Emptying a cigarette may be more time-consuming than rolling a joint, but it’s ultimately a great alternative if you don’t have anything else to smoke weed with.

So, to summarize our main point, if you like the combo of weed and tobacco but don’t have rolling papers to make a spliff, you can fill an empty cigarette with weed or hash + tobacco, or wrap cannabis wax around it.

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