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Article Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Imagine this scenario, it’s Friday night, your work week is over, and now it’s time to go home and relax by placing a cartridge in your vape, put on a movie, and start vaping. Suddenly, you remember that you left your vaporizer at your friend’s house and you still haven’t invested in your own dab rig, so now you have nothing to smoke with and it’s too late to buy a new vaporizer.

Don’t worry, we’ve all found ourselves in this conundrum, and we can give you a few options on how you can use the stuff you have lying around the house to make your own weed pipe. Whether you’re a medical marijuana or a recreational user, this article will show you how to make a weed pipe, step by step, so read on.

Making Your Homemade Pipes and Other Cannabis Smoking Devices With Household Items

A weed pipe is one of the most effective smoking devices, but if you don’t have one at home, you can always make one by using some common household items. To make your DIY pipes, you can use apples, water bottles, candy, and even empty toilet paper rolls. Read on to find out how you can make the easiest homemade pipes if you don’t have proper weed smoking equipment.

Pen Pipe

Using a pen is one of the easiest ways you can make a homemade cannabis smoking device. You only need to remove the metal screw cap, the ink cartridge, and the end of the pen. The next thing you’ll need to do is insert the cap to use it as a bowl, and the other end will serve as a mouthpiece. Seal the cap with tape, and start toking. Pens can also be used as a downstem for homemade bongs.

Apple Pipe

Another easy DIY smoking device when you don’t have a bong or a pipe at hand, is the apple pipe. To turn your apple into a cannabis smoking device, you need to poke holes at the top and on the side of the apple which connect in the middle of the apple and provide unrestricted airflow. Place your weed inside an aluminum foil on the top hole, and poke another hole on the side of the apple which will be used as a cab – and your apple pipe is ready to be enjoyed.

Homemade Pipe Made From Starburst Candy

Ever thought about using candy to make your own weed pipe? Even though it may seem messy, it’s worth a try and it can be a delicious experience. You can connect the unwrapped starburst candy and place two on the side. Place a skewer through the starburst in order to connect them and also create an air pathway. Make a bowl out of the leftover candy which you should stack on top of the lined up candy. Poke a hole through the top two starbursts and connect this with the one made by the skewer. All that’s left to do is to light up and enjoy.

Soda Can Pipes

Another household item you can use to make weed pipes are your leftover soda cans. Take one used soda can, rinse it, dry it, and convert it into a weed smoking pipe. To do that, you need to bend the can in half, poke small holes on the crease with a needle, and make a larger carb hole on the side. Place your ground-up flower inside the crease, light it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

TeePee Steamroller

Not having a proper pipe in your house will inevitably spark up your creativity, so you can try making this cannabis smoking device by using toilet paper rolls and tinfoil. The teepee steamroller is based on the thick glass pipe that’s open at both ends. To make it, you need to create a small bowl out of tinfoil to place the weed in. 

Poke a small hole on the side of the cardboard and place the foil bowl with your weed on top of it. Make sure you cover the cardboard edges with aluminum foil to prevent the cardboard from lighting on fire once you start smoking. Light the weed, place your hand in the opening that’s closest to the bowl, and your mouth at the opposite end. Inhale when you light up to fill the steamroller with smoke and take a deep breath once the device is filled with smoke.

Ice Pipes

Can you imagine using ice as a weed smoking device? A large block of frozen ice can be used as a pipe for those of you who like smooth and cool hits of weed. To make it, you’ll need to carve a hole through the end and make a stem and a mouthpiece. You’ll need another hole on the side which will be used as a bowl where you can place your weed. Keep in mind that it can be a bit tricky to make the perfect pipe made out of ice, though you can purchase a mold to make the process easier. 


All of you cannabis smokers out there who are in need of a quick toke, did you know that you can use a cigarette to smoke weed if you don’t have rolling papers lying around? This method of smoking weed is called pistol packing, and you only need a few steps to turn your cigarette into a weed vessel. To make it, you need to empty the tobacco from your cigarette and place the ground-up bud inside. Pack your weed tight, and as soon as it’s filled up, cut most of the filter so your precious cannabinoids won’t get stuck inside the filter. Your homemade one hitter is ready to be lit up.

Gravity Bong or Water Bottle Bong

Apart from making weed pipes, you can make various types of bongs from the plastic bottles you probably have around the house. This is one of the most common homemade smoking devices since you only need a few items you probably have at home anyway. To make the gravity bong, you’ll need a paper clip or a thumbtack, a 2-liter plastic bottle, a pen, aluminum foil, duct tape, your weed, and a lighter.

With a heated paper clip, poke the first hole which should be big enough to fit a pen, a few inches above the bottom of the bottle. Remove the ink reservoir, the top and tip of the pen, and place it in the hole you just poked at a downward angle. Close all the gaps between the pen and the bottle with duct tape to make it airtight. Pack your weed into a bowl made from aluminum foil, punch a small hole at the bottom of the bowl, and place it on top of the pen. Poke another hole on the side of the bottle which will be used as a carb. Fill the bottle with water until the bottom part of the pen is submerged and light up.


Making your own weed pipe from leftover household items has never been easier. You can use toilet paper, fruits and veggies like apples and bell peppers, Starburst candy, empty pens, soda cans, frozen ice blocks, and other common household items. Do your own research, make your homemade pipes and bongs, and don’t be afraid to experiment with other stuff you have lying around the house if you find yourself without a proper cannabis smoking device. Enjoy your smoking experience!

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