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Article Last Updated on January 8, 2023

Cannabis users have different approaches regarding their favorite spot to smoke weed. Some prefer to do it outdoors, while others enjoy lighting their bong in the privacy of their own room while watching their favorite comedy. No matter where you prefer to smoke, you probably know that once you light up, the marijuana smoke attaches to your clothes and they end up smelling funky.

For all you pot smokers out there who are in need of fresh-smelling clothes but don’t want to give up smoking cannabis, this article is for you. We’ll give you all the information on how you can take care of your clothes so you don’t smell like weed.

What’s the Cause for the Smell of Weed?

The smell of marijuana is a very potent and distinct smell that’s caused by the terpenes present in the cannabis plant. When cannabis is combusted, the terpenes are released from the dry plant matter and create the smell cannabis users know and love. 

Whether you like the smell or not, it’s unlikely that you enjoy the scent of marijuana smoke attached to your clothes, your hair, the furniture, carpets, curtains, and other materials around you. For that reason, we’ve decided to give you all the inside info on how you can get rid of the weed smell from your clothes, and the steps you need to take prior to smoking to ensure that you’re less exposed to the smell afterward.

Preparing the Room Prior to Smoking Cannabis

If smoking outside in the fresh air is not your thing and you’re planning to toke inside, there are some steps you can take to cover up the marijuana smoke odor that will linger in the room.

Having an air freshener like Febreze or Ozium on hand is great because you can keep good airflow while smoking (by keeping a window open), and then you can spray the room right after you smoke to minimize the weed smell inside your room. If you don’t have an air freshener, a deodorant will also work, or lighting up some scented candles.

An even better option would be starting the air purifier if you have one at home, and if you don’t, you can always make your own sploof by using a toilet paper roll and attaching a scented dryer sheet on one end (so you can blow the weed smoke on the other end inside the sploof). That way, the weed will smell less intense when exhaled.

How to Get the Weed Smell Out of Your Clothes

If you don’t think that hanging your clothes outside will air out the weed smell, and you don’t have a deodorization option on your washing machine, you’ll need another method. To get rid of the lingering odor of cannabis which inevitably sticks to clothes when smoking indoors, you can try one of the options below.

Water With Soap and White Vinegar

Hot water, laundry detergent, and white vinegar will definitely do the trick if your clothes smell like marijuana smoke. The soapy water will clean your clothes and the acetic acid in the white vinegar will remove the lingering smell. First, you wash the clothes with the detergent, rinse, and then go in with the white vinegar (either in the washing machine or by hand). If you use the washing machine, make sure you read the tag on your clothes in order to prevent them from shrinking. And don’t worry, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar after you’ve washed them (since you’ll be using the hot cycle).

Using Baking Soda

This option is only good for durable and resistant fabric, so you shouldn’t try it on delicate fabrics or you run the risk of damaging the fabric. Mix the baking soda with water to remove the smell from the clothes and place them in the washer afterward.

Try a Scented Soap 

If you want to try something other than laundry detergent and white vinegar, you can try using a scented soap. Choose the one with a strong perfume so it overpowers the weed smell. After getting your scented soap, wash your clothes like you normally would but wash them in soap prior to putting them into the washing machine. This method works on lighter fabrics and T-shirts.

Use Water And Bleach

Keep in mind that this is an extreme method which might whiten your clothes, so only use it on whites, or you could buy a color-safe bleacher which is gentler. Mix a bit of bleach with the water and dip the clothes inside. Leave the clothes inside the bleach for 10 minutes and rinse them with cold water afterward. Use this option as a last resort since it can damage the fibers of your clothes.

Have Smoking Clothes

If you don’t want to risk all your favorite pieces smelling like weed, maybe you should have a designated smoking outfit. This will not only keep your best clothes smelling fresh, but you’ll have a go-to smoking outfit that you don’t mind whether it smells like weed or not. Moreover, the outfit you chose to wear can be thoroughly cleaned by using any of the methods we’ve mentioned above.

Conclusion on How to Get Weed Smell Out of Your Clothes

There are smokers who are worried about the lingering smell that attaches to their clothes after a smoking session. To prevent this, you could try using a vaporizer since vaping has very little scent and won’t make your clothes smell as bad as a joint does. You can also try smoking outside so the smell won’t be as bad as if you were to smoke inside.

Next, you should opt for choosing clothes with natural materials which are easier to clean and don’t absorb as much of the marijuana smoke as synthetic materials do, or choose to have one outfit that you regularly smoke in. You can also buy an air freshener for your room and turn the air purifier on if you have one.

Finally, you can use the tips we’ve provided for you above so you can wash your clothes thoroughly, and have them smell as nice as they can by using a fragrant laundry detergent.

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