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Article Last Updated on January 18, 2023

As a fellow weed enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar with the side effects of taking a little too much weed, but did you know that weed can also cause a hangover? If you’ve ever felt weird the day after a weed sesh, whether you’ve been vaping or smoking weed, or even eaten one too many edibles, this might ring a bell.

Many cannabis users have reported feeling certain symptoms similar to a hangover, which is why this phenomenon is dubbed as “weed hangover.” If you’re one of them and wonder what you can do to relieve it and go on with your day, keep reading. In this article, we’ll talk about weed hangovers, how to cure them, and most importantly, how to prevent them.

Does Cannabis Really Cause Hangovers?

Weed hangovers are often described as the residual effects of marijuana that you still feel the next day after the initial high has subsided. The cannabis hangover is somewhat similar to an alcohol hangover, but the symptoms aren’t nearly as uncomfortable and they usually last a few hours before naturally fading as the day passes.

Getting a cannabis hangover can happen to anyone as a large number of both recreational and medical cannabis users have reported experiencing hangover-like symptoms due to cannabis use. Just search on any weed-related forum on Google and you’ll find countless posts on weed-related hangovers.

Overconsumption seems to be the main cause and some people may be more prone to it than others. But why this is the case is still a mystery. Each person has a different level of tolerance to THC, the cannabinoid that gets you high and causes side effects in large doses, so it will be different for each user. 

Therefore, it’s thought that when you consume weed, the effects of THC overwhelm the receptors in the brain, and the hangover effects are a result of them trying to get back to normal. Hence, you experience some uncomfortable symptoms the following day.

What Are the Symptoms of a Weed Hangover?

As we said, the symptoms of weed hangovers aren’t nearly as dreadful as alcohol hangovers. But if you need to work or have other obligations, they may slow you down. 

Cannabis hangover usually causes the following symptoms:

How to Cure a Weed Hangover

It’s no fun when the fun you had last night turns into a hangover the next morning, but hey, it happens. Read our tips below on how you can relieve the hangover effects and return to normal ASAP.

Hydrate Yourself

The most basic thing you can do is hydrate yourself. The human body is made up of roughly 60% water, so it must be replenished. Granted, weed doesn’t dehydrate you as alcohol does, nor will it help to “flush out” the THC, because cannabinoids aren’t water-soluble. However, water will refresh you and it will help your metabolism to keep running smoothly so that it can deal with the remains of THC from the previous night.

If you’re experiencing cottonmouth, feel free to add a generous amount of lemon juice to your water bottle. The citrus will stimulate your salivary glands and reduce the dryness in your mouth.

Stay In Bed for a Little Longer

If you can help it, stay in bed for an hour longer. You’ll probably be feeling sluggish anyway and will want to remain passive until you feel perkier. Give your body (and mind) time to recuperate, since an hour longer in bed can make a significant difference.

Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers help, they really do. They will wake you up, stimulate your brain a little, and refresh you. If you absolutely hate cold water, make your shower a little less hot than normal and turn the water to a colder temperature at the end to give yourself a short and cool buzz. Just grin and bear it for a minute, you’ll thank us later.

Eat Fresh Foods

If you had the munchies the previous day, chances are you ate a lot of unholy foods. That’s okay. But the next day you might feel full or bloated, or nauseous. Instead of skipping breakfast, try eating a wholesome meal – whatever you like and feel like you can tolerate. Maybe a nutritious salad, a fruit smoothie, or a sandwich with lots of veggies. If you feel overwhelmed by food, just take a few small bites.

Have Some Coffee

Caffeine can be of great help to stimulate your brain and help you get out of the sluggishness. If you don’t normally consume coffee (or tea), you can skip it, it’s not essential. But if you’re a regular caffeine drinker, go ahead and pour yourself a cup. Let the aroma chase away the fatigue and restore your sense of wellness.

Take a Pain Reliever

If you have a headache, it may very well be due to dehydration because you forgot to drink water for hours during your marijuana session. This happens to so many users, most of which learn how to properly hydrate the hard way. 

Of course, sometimes it’s not just due to dehydration, but whatever the cause, it’s best to treat the headache like any other headache – with a pain reliever. Take ibuprofen or aspirin, or whatever else works for you.

Use Eye Drops

Your eyes can feel really dry sometimes and the best way to treat them is by using eye drops. Visine is a famous brand that a lot of people use, but any kind of eye drops that can relieve the dryness can help.

Get Off the Screen

If you decide to distract yourself from the residual effects of weed by going on your phone or your computer and staring at the screen for hours, we advise against it. It’ll only make it worse and make you feel even more sluggish. Repeat after us: not a good idea. Get up and wash the dishes, do something else around the house, or peel yourself a grape. Doing anything but staring at a screen will help you feel more active.

Get Some Air

Just get out and take a brisk walk. If you have to go to work, get off the train early and walk one stop. If you’re really not in the mood for leaving the house, then sit on the balcony or crack open a window and sit beside it for a while.

Take CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is known to combat the effects of THC, which is why it could help relieve your weed hangover. It’ll be best if you use pure CBD oil isolate, rather than full spectrum as the full spectrum has trace amounts of THC. Just put a couple of drops under your tongue and after a short while, you should start feeling a bit better.

Can You Avoid Getting a Marijuana Hangover?

The consensus is that you can avoid getting a marijuana hangover if you use a strain that’s lower in THC. Whichever Indica or Sativa you use, pay attention to the ratio of the cannabinoids, and if you don’t have that information (for example, someone passes you a doobie), then take the smallest effective dose for you. Avoid homemade edibles because they’re unpredictable and avoid dabbing if you’re a beginner.

Conclusion – Take It Slow With a Weed Hangover

It’s clear that marijuana use can sometimes cause a weed hangover that can be uncomfortable to experience, but thankfully, it’s not nearly as severe as an alcohol hangover can be. However, the symptoms still need to be treated in order to ease the discomfort and give you space to go on with your day. The best way to prevent another weed hangover is to use low-THC strains and make sure you don’t exceed your personal tolerance.

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