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Article Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Only a few minutes after we light up that cannabinoid-rich joint, we start to feel the psychoactive and sedative effects of weed. However, apart from CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, the cannabis plant also contains terpenes, and these are the compounds which give weed its distinct aroma and the unmistakable marijuana scent after lighting up.

Weed smoke, similar to tobacco smoke, isn’t a very pleasant smell to have inside your home, which is why a lot of cannabis smokers try to get rid of it as fast as they can after their smoking session. In previous articles, we’ve covered topics related to getting cannabis smoke out of your clothes, smoking weed in the bathroom, as well as how far weed smell travels outside, but we have yet to write about how long weed smell lasts, so let’s get to it.

Where Does the Smell of Weed Come From?

As we’ve mentioned above, weed’s recognizable scent comes from the terpenes which are the compounds located inside the trichomes of the weed plant. These aromatic compounds give plants their flavor and aroma, and the same goes for weed. Apart from the cannabinoids, the cannabis plant contains over 200 terpenes, such as limonene, pinene, myrcene, and others, which give off a distinct aroma that can smell like citrus, pine, diesel, spicy, herbal, or a combination of a few which ultimately makes up the smell of weed.

Because terpenes emit such a strong scent, the smell often penetrates into furniture, clothes, wallpaper, and essentially every fabric you have around your home. Obviously, smokers want to figure out what amount of time is needed for the smell of cannabis to fade away, and we’ll discuss this in the following paragraphs. But before we get into figuring out the period of time needed to get rid of the weed smell, we first need to discuss what affects its intensity.

What Affects the Intensity of the Cannabis Smell and How Can You Prevent It?

The intensity of weed’s smell in your home depends on a few factors.

Firstly, it’s important to mention that where you smoke weed plays a key role in how strong the weed smell will be. Smoking indoors with an insufficient amount of airflow is how you end up in a room with a potent marijuana odor. So, make sure that you ventilate the room often if you do smoke inside, and to prevent this altogether, take your joint out and smoke it in the garden, or on the balcony, or in a nice park if weed consumption is legal where you live.

Secondly, the method of consumption is also important. Smoking a joint or a blunt produces a more potent odor compared to using bongs or vapes. Keep in mind that if you do use a bong or a vape pen, cleaning the gear is just as important because the buildup of plant matter can cause an even stronger scent.

Finally, how you keep your weed also affects its smell as terpenes tend to degrade under direct light, in moist environments, and in storage containers which aren’t airtight. To store your weed for a longer period, keep it in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and in a cool place.

How Long Does the Smell of Weed Last?

The time it takes for the smell of cannabis to wear off depends on the following factors:

  • Terpene content (some cannabis varieties emit a stronger odor than others);
  • Amount of cannabis smoked (needless to say, the more you smoke, the higher the cannabis concentration in the room);
  • Method of consumption (as we’ve mentioned above, what you choose to use will greatly affect how strong and long-lasting the smell will be, so opt for methods such as bongs and vape pens, as opposed to smoking joints and blunts);
  • How good your ventilation system is (whether the room you smoke in has a window, cross ventilation, or a ventilation system will affect how long it takes for the smell to wear off).

With so many factors in question, it’s not easy to state the exact amount of time that it takes for the smell to wear off, but it may take anywhere between a couple of hours to a few days. That being said, if you use auxiliary tools, like a fan or an air freshener, or you clean the room and open all the windows, you could remove the remnants of marijuana smoke in about 30 minutes or less.

How to Minimize Cannabis Smoke Odor During and After a Smoking Session?

If you’ve had a vaping session at home and are searching for ways to minimize the smell of smoking weed, we’re here for you. The first thing you need to do to let the marijuana smoke escape the room is to keep an open window during and after your smoking session.

Next, you can use an air purifier if you have one at home, or even do a few sprays with an air freshener such as Febreze or Ozium. It can also help if you have a fan or an indoor ventilation system which you can turn on so the air clears up faster.

Another thing you can do to mask the smell of weed is to use a diffuser for some essential oils, or maybe light a scented candle. This will not only help with the smell, but the terpenes in essential oils, like lavender and lemon, can even balance out your nervous system and calm you down.

Finally, if you don’t have a diffuser, air freshener, or scented candles at home, you can make a DIY sploof. To make it, you’ll need a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll, rubber bands, and scented dryer sheets. The assembly is quite easy, as all you need to do is fill the toilet paper roll with scented dryer sheets, and add a dryer sheet at the end of one side of the roll and secure it with a rubber band. Using it is even easier than making it – you just need to inhale from the joint, vape, or whichever method of cannabis consumption you’re using, and exhale into the sploof so the dryer sheets improve the smoke smell and mask it with the scent of freshly washed laundry.

Final Thoughts

Next time you’re smoking a joint or vaping in your room, remember that it can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days for the smell of marijuana to escape your room. If you want the smell gone faster, make sure that you keep your windows open while smoking. Cleaning your room after smoking and providing adequate ventilation during your weed session can also significantly diminish the residue smoke in your room (and it can smell fresh faster). Well, that’s it – enjoy your next smoking session without having to worry too much about the marijuana smell!

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