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Article Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Baked goods are a great way to end a meal, especially something delicious like brownies. While your typical brownies will contain all the essential ingredients such as sugar, cocoa, butter, eggs, flour, baking powder, and salt, cannabis can also be part of the ingredient list for your next batch.

Cannabis brownies, otherwise called marijuana brownies, magic brownies, hash brownies, and pot brownies, can be bought at your local dispensary, but they can also be made from scratch. You can experiment and make gluten-free brownies, add cheese and make cheesecake brownies, or swap the butter and milk with coconut oil and oat milk and make vegan pot brownies.                          

But what if you’ve made a huge batch and end up with a lot of leftover brownies? Can you freeze them? Read on to find out.                    

Tips for Making Weed Brownies

To make your perfect batch of fudgy cannabis brownies, the first thing you’ll need is your cannabis butter or cannabis oil. The cannabutter or cannabis oil can either be bought or made at home.

You’ll also need the perfect brownie recipe, so you can take a look at our tutorial for making strong pot brownies, and get cooking. And if you’re a medical marijuana user, we’ve covered the effects of cannabis brownies in a previous article, so it may be useful to take a look at it.

Finally, you’ll need to purchase all the ingredients that go into pot brownies, take all the necessary kitchen equipment out of the cabinets, and start making your marijuana brownies.

Can You Freeze Cannabis Brownies?

Pot brownies are definitely freezer-friendly. But before you freeze them, you need to remember a few things. Firstly, the brownie mixture should be baked, cooled to room temperature, sliced into correct portion sizes, placed into an airtight container, and only then frozen.

Keep in mind that you need to label your pot brownies and write the date when you froze them so you don’t mix them with some other brownies you may have in your freezer. When you want to enjoy them, simply pull them out of the freezer and allow them to get to room temperature before eating them, although some people also eat them straight out of the freezer as a frozen treat.

Storing Your Pot Brownies Long-term

After you’ve made your baked goods, you’re probably wondering about the best way to store them to preserve their taste and THC content. Baked goods should be stored similarly as the dry cannabis flower, although they have a shorter shelf life than cannabis buds.


Light is your worst enemy after you’ve harvested the cannabis plant. It can degrade its cannabinoids and terpenes content, and it can also spoil your weed bakes. For that reason, you should keep your cannabis edibles away from direct light to prevent the degradation of THC.

Store In Airtight Containers

Your best bet for long-term storage and freezing your cannabis brownies are silicone containers and mason jars which don’t allow air and moisture to affect the edibles. Before you freeze your edibles, make sure they reach room temperature. However, if you’re freezing cannabis oil or cannabutter, you should leave more room at the top of the container. In this case, since liquids expand when they’re frozen, it’s best to leave more room in the jar to prevent it from cracking. 

If you don’t have either on hand, you can also freeze your brownies by using plastic wrap or a plastic bag, but squeeze as much air out before you freeze them. An even better option than plastic wraps, which sometimes stick to the brownies, is using wax paper which comes off more easily and doesn’t affect the flavor of the edibles.

Add the Date

There’s nothing worse than getting a treat out of the freezer and finding out it’s expired, especially if it’s a THC-infused weed brownie. For that reason, it’s best to put the date when you baked them so you don’t forget it after freezing a batch.

For store-bought weed brownies, remember that sometimes the best-by date won’t indicate whether it’s ok to eat because there may have been a malfunction with the fridge (or another situation). Therefore, if your brownies have condensed in the container, it may be a sign of a bacterial reaction. Therefore, if you see mold or mildew on your brownies, it’s definitely a sign that you shouldn’t eat it.

Keep It Portioned Out

Portioning your edibles before you freeze them is really important as you will not only have equal doses in each edible, but it will also be easier to cut a brownie when it’s fresh (compared to cutting into a frozen baked good). So, after you bake your brownies and they get to room temperature, cut them and store them in portions to prevent having to defrost the whole batch and refreeze it again. 

What Is the Shelf Life of Weed Brownies?

Each cannabis product has its own shelf life, and so do weed brownies. What’s important is that after extracting THC into oil, cannabutter, or distillate, it loses less potency over time compared to the dried flower. However, baked goods, cannabis oil, and cannabis butter spoil faster than cannabis buds. 

Generally, the shelf-life of pot brownies would be a few days (unless you freeze them). Frozen edibles can have the same potency even a few months after they were made, and can last in the freezer for up to six months. And once again, make sure you freeze your brownies in proper airtight containers and portion them out before putting them in the freezer.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Brownies

Homemade weed edibles are one of the best ways you can use cannabis flowers, and brownies are one of the most delicious sweet treats with or without the added marijuana. Pot brownies can be made rather quickly in one bowl, and require only a few ingredients. By switching the recipe and adding a few extra ingredients, like a mix of nuts or seeds, you can customize it according to your preference.

Brownies are freezer-friendly desserts, and so are weed brownies. Before you freeze yours, make sure you let them cool at room temperature, portion them out, and write the baking date on the label, so you’ll know how long you can keep them in the freezer.

Cooking with weed can be a fun experience, especially for recreational users who like to try out new ways of incorporating cannabis into their diet. Apart from making sweet treats, cannabis can also be used in a lot of savory dishes, sauces, and snacks. All you need is your imagination or your favorite recipe, and you can start using cannabis in your food and drinks. So there – have fun experimenting and using this versatile cannabis plant in your recipes.

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